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Engagement Opportunities

There are many ways in which to partner with our campuses. While partner involvement in each of the following activities is critical to our success, partners are not expected to participate in all activities. District/campus representatives will work with you to help identify and select the activities that make the most sense for your business and employees.

Capstone Experience


Year-Long Engagement Opportunities

(Practicum or Career Prep Course)
Student internships provide an introductory work experience at a business during the school year in a career field. Internships also introduce potential future workers to job opportunities with a company and promote an understanding of the role and contributions of your business in the community.

(Practicum or Career Prep Course)
Meet the graduating talent pool interested in working for your organization and are trained in a specific area of expertise. Apprenticeships provide a unique combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, most often leading to nationally recognized industry credentials/certifications.

Project Based Research
Project-Based Research is a course for students to research a real-world problem. Students are matched with a mentor from the business or professional community. Together, they work to develop an original project on a topic related to career interests, use scientific methods of investigation to conduct in-depth research, compile findings, and present their findings to an audience that includes experts in the field.

Dual Credit
(Post Secondary Institutions Only)
Dual credit is a system through which a student may earn high school and college credit for successfully completing a college course that provides advanced academic instruction beyond, or in greater depth than, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for a corresponding high school course. The “dual credit” earned is college credit and high school credit for one course.

Advisory Board
Serving on the general Advisory Partners Council and/or career cluster-specific board with like-minded employers provides an opportunity to review, evaluate, and guide educator/district decisions about programs to meet the needs of students and the workforce.  

Individual Engagement Opportunities

Annual Internship and Hiring Fair
Meet the rising seniors and graduating talent pool interested in working for your organization. The current juniors/soon-to-be seniors have taken basic through advanced courses with the intention of connecting with businesses for the purposes of an unpaid or paid internship for the following school year. The current seniors/soon-to-be high school graduates are trained in a specific area of expertise and are attending with the intention of securing a part or full-time position after graduation. The annual internship and hiring fair offers the opportunity to exhibit, offer advice, and hire students for seasonal and summer jobs, internships, and part-time and full-time employees.

Mock Interviews
Meet the junior and senior students interested in strengthening their interview skills. Multiple opportunities in a variety of formats exist for partners to engage in a simulated job interview, provide feedback, and ultimately improve students' skills and chances for success.

Teacher Externships
Facilitate one or more days of a teacher's job shadowing experience at a business in order to refresh the knowledge and skills in a career field. The experience includes opportunities to learn about current trends in and expectations of the career field and increase knowledge and skill development. By engaging in an externship, a teacher returns to a campus with updated content knowledge and skills as well as improved instructional practices for students, enhancing the relevance of and preparation for students’ college and career readiness.

Teacher Field Trips
Host educators at your business to observe the workplace so they may develop relevant lesson plans and classroom instruction.

School Partner
Be matched with a school and provide one or more work-based learning opportunities for students, appropriate to each grade level, such as facility visits, guest speakers, presentations and demonstrations, career information, and more.


Guest Speakers
Share industry/career experience in-person and virtually in classrooms, GO Centers, and in teacher professional development meetings, adding relevance to the curriculum.

Career Days
Share information with students about various occupations that might align with their interests and aptitudes, especially high-demand, high-wage jobs.

Job Shadowing
Provide students with the opportunity to experience the workplace, understand the various roles and duties of a particular occupation, gain a better understanding of a career field, connect with working adults, and observe work in progress.

Workplace Tours
More than a simple field trip or site visit, a workplace tour is designed and structured to meet specific learning outcomes, be educationally rich, and build awareness of the business, its industry sector, its role in the economy, and the career options it provides.


Legacy Vital Link
Host for one week, in the summer, a small group of rising 7th graders to experience a half-day unpaid internship designed to link their classroom learning to success in the workplace.

Summer Camps
Change the trajectory of young people’s lives and open up an entire world of opportunity. Offer your industry’s career guidance and experience for summer career camps.

Field Trips
Host students who learn via first-hand observation about your business at your business site.

Student Mentorships
This is a career exploration activity in which a student is matched one-on-one or in small groups with an adult professional in a chosen field of interest to explore potential careers and related educational issues. Share information with students about various occupations that might align with their interests and aptitudes, especially high-demand, high-wage jobs.