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FWISD Wellness Policy

FWISD Wellness Policy

Each district must establish a local school wellness policy for all schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast program under the jurisdiction of the district. The local school wellness policy is a written plan that includes methods to promote student wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and provide assurance that school meals and other food and beverages sold and otherwise made available on the school campus during the school day are consistent with applicable minimum federal standards. 

 The School Health Advisory Committee reviews and asses the FWISD Wellness Policy. 

Purpose of the School Health Advisory Committee
The purpose of the School Health Advisory committee is to advise the Board of Education on various subjects as they relate to the health of the students, parents, teachers, employees and community members of FWISD.The Committee consists of Health/PE teachers, parents, community and business representatives. State law dictates the make-up of the committee: (d) The board of trustees shall appoint members to the local school health advisory council. A majority of the members must be persons who are parents of students enrolled in the district and who are not employed by the district. The board of trustees also may appoint one or more persons from each of the following groups or a representative from a group other than a group specified under this subsection:

  • public school teachers;
  • public school administrators;
  • district students;
  • health care professionals;
  • the business community;
  • law enforcement;
  • senior citizens;
  • the clergy; and
  • nonprofit health organizations.

The local school health advisory council's duties include recommending: 1) the number of hours of instruction to be provided in health education; 2) health education curriculum appropriate for specific grade levels that may include a coordinated health education program designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type II diabetes through coordination of: (A) health education; (B) physical education; (C) nutritional services; (D) parental involvement; and (E) instruction to prevent the use of tobacco; and 3) appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction.

Current Wellness policy was updated 2/18/2017

Fort Worth ISD Local Wellness Policy Triennial Assessment can be viewed Here

First page of the PDF file: FFA_LOCAL_Wellness_Policy