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Action Plan: High School Juniors



  • At school, sign up early to take the PSAT/NMSQT in October.

Plan Your Spring Testing Schedule

  • You can take either the SAT Reasoning Test or up to three SAT Subject Tests on one test day. Plan your testing schedule carefully if you want to take both types of SAT. See the SAT schedule of test dates and register online for the SAT.
  • Use the access code on your PSAT/NMSQT score report to sign in to My College QuickStart. With this personalized planning kit, you can prepare for the SAT using a study plan based on your PSAT/NMSQT results and explore lists of suggested colleges, majors, and careers.


Get Ready for the SAT

  • Visit the SAT Preparation Center to take a free full-length official practice test and get a score and skills report. Be sure to sign up for The Official SAT Question of the Day for daily practice.

Explore Colleges

  • Start visiting local colleges: large, small, public, and private. Get a feel for what works for you. Develop a list of 15-20 colleges that interest you. Search for colleges and use My College List.

Prepare for AP Exams

  • Do well on AP Exams and receive credit or placement at most colleges. Get AP Exam preparation.

Plan Ahead for the Summer & Senior Year

  • Review your senior year class schedule with your counselor. Challenge yourself with honors and AP classes and stick with sequences you’ve begun, in the languages, for example. Read about how to select your courses.
  • Plan summer activities early. Enrich yourself by volunteering, getting an interesting job or internship, or signing up for special summer learning programs.


Keep Your Momentum Up This Summer

  • Visit colleges. Take campus tours and, at colleges you’re serious about, schedule interviews with admissions counselors. Be sure to bring your campus visit checklist.
  • Request applications from colleges to which you’ll apply. Check important dates; some universities have early dates or rolling admissions. Consult the College Application Calendar and the Financial Aid Calendar for a basic idea of the application timeline.

11th Grade Monthly List of Activities


  • Check to see that you’re scheduled for the correct courses.
  • Continue 10th Grade activities.
  • Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT test


  • Begin attending college sessions at your high school.
  • Obtain the catalogs/brochures of the colleges/universities.
  • Prepare for the PSAT by reviewing practice tests.
  • Attend College Night.


  • Update your six-year plan
  • Continue to prepare for the PSAT by reviewing practice tests.
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT (Practice PSAT) & use the results to help you.


  • Set up a working resume for yourself.
  • Visit your school’s college room/center.


  • Begin writing your personal essays for applications, scholarships, etc.
  • Determine your GPA and approximate class rank and check the entrance requirements for colleges that you are interested in to determine if your GPA and rank are  within the norm for those universities.


  • Begin deciding courses for the senior year.
  • Check for course selection dates with your counselor.
  • Review your PSAT scores and utilize the College Board My Road site that provides individualized assistance based on your results.  This will help you improve your SAT scores.


  • Update your six-year plan
  • Request verification of community service.
  • Research to see if you will need to take SAT II tests.


  • Begin to think about whom you will ask to write your recommendation letters.
  • Narrow your college choices to 5-10
  • Prepare for the AP Exams scheduled for May.


  • Do your best on the state tests.
  • Take all state and college admissions tests seriously!
  • Check that your graduation requirements are in order.
  • Register for the SAT and the ACT and take these if you have not already done so.


  • Register to take both the ACT and SAT during the summer.
  • Study and take as many AP Exams as you can.


  • Take the ACT and the SAT .
  • Visit the colleges you are interested in.
  • Volunteer in your community.