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System Support

Whereas the three components previously described serve students directly, the Indirect Student Support Services system support component describes services and management activities that indirectly benefit students. The services include:

  • consultation with teachers;
  • support for the parent education program and community relations efforts;
  • participation in the campus-based school improvement plans and goals;
  • implementation of the state and local standardized testing program;
  • cooperation with relevant research projects; and
  • provision of input from the students' perspective to policy-makers and instructional/ curriculum planners.

Management activities are required to assure the delivery of a high quality guidance program. These activities include:

  • program development and management;
  • counselor staff development;
  • community outreach; and
  • development of appropriate written policies, procedures and guidelines.

Parents Role in System Support

System Support is defined as work within the system. Thus direct parent roles and responsibilities are not specified. Parents can contribute through volunteer efforts to ensure a collaborative and interactive comprehensive counseling program that provides student services to all students in the learning community.