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Records Storage Audits

Records Storage Audits

Records management personnel will conduct formal audits on campuses and departments throughout the school year.   An audit is a process where District Records Management department personnel examine your records storage area and provide actionable feedback and/or and recognition.  You may receive a call that they will be in your area and ask that you be available. 

Records Management personnel will record what they observe and may provide recommended actions.  The audit is by no means a ”gotcha”.  Our department is here to provide support and help you with your records management responsibilities.  Once the audit is completed, an audit report will be emailed to the location department head and the custodian of record.  We are available to return to your location provide any necessary training and resources.  If you want assistance with your records storage area now, email us at or call us 817-814-2115 to schedule an audit.

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