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At the beginning of each school year, student passwords are reset. Changing the password ensures the student accounts are rolled into their new school and grade-level.  In addition, this process greatly reduces the risk of data exposure to many cyber-security dangers. Keeping our accounts safe is a priority.  Students will be required to create a new password after logging in with the new default password. 

To ensure that the student password experience is easy, we have created a few tools to help our students and empower teachers with the password reset process.

  • Prior to the reset, an email is sent to the student's primary contact with information related to the password reset process, including the student’s default password.  
  • A "Default Student Password" Lookup Tool will be made available for parents or students to look up their default password, in case they cannot locate or don't receive the email from Fort Worth ISD. Password Lookup Tool:
  • A "Student Password Reset" tool will be made available to all staff. This tool will allow campus staff to assist students to reset their passwords. Staff will be able to:
    • Reset a student's password, back to the default password, so the student can go through the process again
    • Assist students that forget their password after the start of school
    • Unlock student accounts in case the student is locked out of the account due to too many wrong password attempts

Students will be prompted to change their default passwords when logging in to their device for the first time. Elementary students must choose a password with 8 characters. Secondary (grades 6-up) students must choose a 12 digit password with three of these four complexity requirements—lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, or special characters.