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Technology Resources Information

Your child has an opportunity to be given access to the District’s technology resources, meaning electronic communication systems and electronic equipment. Inappropriate use of the District’s technology resources may result in suspension or revocation of the privilege to use these educational tools, as well as other disciplinary or legal action, in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and applicable laws. As a user of the District’s technology resources,
your student will be able to access:

  • An unlimited number of databases, libraries, and resources, including Google for Education and filtered YouTube. 

  • The Internet, Intranet, and other electronic information systems/networks, which can be used to communicate with schools, colleges, organizations, and individuals around the world. Shared electronic equipment, which may have stored temporary Internet and electronic files of other users.

Please note: The Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks. It is possible your child may run across areas of adult content and some material you might find objectionable. While the District will use filtering technology to restrict access to such material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. It will be the responsibility of the student to follow the rules for appropriate use. If a District technology device is issued, additional materials addressing the proper use, care, and return of these devices will be provided by the campus from which the device is issued.

Digital Responsibility: Safe and Responsible Use of Technology Series

Teaching digital safety, citizenship, and responsibility are crucial components of today's classroom. In Fort Worth ISD, we want to help students incorporate and practice good digital habits. Information presented in our Digital Responsibility: Safe and Responsible Use of Technology Series will provide a strong foundation for safe, successful use of the Internet for all students. To explore the series, go to /Page/24606.

Approved Resources

The District has an ongoing need for the implementation of instructional technology, assessment, and administrative applications to meet education, student data management, business, and reporting requirements.

The following resources include an on-going and developing list of approved technology resources. The approved technology resources listed below and are approved for use by teachers. Many technology resources include student accounts created and maintained by the Technology Department. Teachers cannot create accounts for students or allow students to create their own accounts for any technology resources.


ClassLink gives students access to online tools and resources from all their devices. ClassLink eliminates the need to use a different password to access resources. "It's a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password." To access ClassLink, go to To view our quick reference guides, go to /Page/24265

Library Databases and Resources

Fort Worth ISD subscribes to a variety of online resources for students, educators, and their families. These resources include full-text magazine and journal articles, encyclopedias and reference tools, licensed images databases, video streams, and interactive learning activities.

Fort Worth ISD parents and family members of employees are welcome to use these resources. Contact Library Media Services for login information.

Other Approved Resources

To access a pre-approved list of supplemental resources by content and grade level, click here.