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Translation and Interpretation

What are the services provided?

We offer translations for all District departments and campuses. Coordinate the assignation of interpreters for all District departments’ and schools’ events and meetings as well as provide an interpretation system to facilitate the communication between languages.

Translation & Interpretation Services

  • coordinate interpretations for FWISD events & meetings
    • parent/teacher conferences
    • student orientations
    • counseling
    • etc.
  • provide translations of all types of documents in an editable format

Please note, that on occasion, a request for translation is made on a document that has already been translated. Before requesting translation services, please first check with the owner (department) of the original document for already translated languages.

Translation Services Sharepoint

Translation & Interpretation Request Form


Dora L. Díaz

Coordinator, Translation Services


First page of the PDF file: Translation_Services_Guidelines-Procedures_and_FAQs_11-15-2022
First page of the PDF file: TSO_Procedures
First page of the PDF file: FWISD_Translation_Services_Office_Enlgish_to_Spanish_Glossary_Rev_02-10-2023