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Children's Vision Program

The Children's Vision Program serves the eye care needs of Fort Worth ISD students in Pre-K through twelfth grade. Through a private grant, it supports school nurses with vision acuity screenings of all students in elementary and 7th grade. In addition, Fort Worth ISD and the Alcon Children's Vision Center have partnered to operate the Alcon Children's Vision Center, a nonprofit school-based eye care clinic located next to the Western Hills Family Resource Center to provide comprehensive eye exams and eyewear for eligible students in connection with the vision acuity screening results. Throughout the program, students are screened for acuity and eye conditions, and as a result of the acuity screenings, identified students receive a referral from the school nurse to have an eye exam.  

Required Vision Screenings

As part of Health and Safety Code, Chapter 36,  the Vision Screening Program requires that all children enrolled for the first time in any public, private, parochial, or denominational school or in a Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) licensed child care center and licensed child care home in Texas, or who meet certain grade criteria, must be screened or have a professional examination for possible vision problems.

Eye Exam Referrals

As a result of the vision acuity screening for students who do not fall within the normal range, the school nurse will send home the FWISD Vision Referral form recommending a comprehensive eye exam by an eye doctor. Children’s vision can affect their academic performance. Research shows that 80% of classroom learning is visual. A child’s eyes and vision change as they grow, and regular comprehensive eye exams are necessary. A child with uncorrected vision may have difficulty concentrating and learning.

Contact your Fort Worth ISD School Nurse if you would like to discuss the vision resources available for your students. 

Program Focus   

The program focuses on strengthening communication to increase vision healthcare awareness for students, parents, and school stakeholders. Support school nurses with vision acuity screenings, and provide comprehensive eye exams and glasses through in-school, multi-school events, and in-clinic for eligible students. In addition, the program works towards building family self-support, data tracking systems, and robust expansion of vision program services. 




Presciliana Olayo

Vision Care Services Coordinator