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All design elements of FWISD-affiliated social media accounts should be consistent with Fort Worth ISD Branding Guidelines


Before creating a Fort Worth ISD-affiliated social media account for your school, department or division, contact the Fort Worth ISD Communications Department. The department will provide guidance, expectations and continued support for all accounts. These guidelines are meant to ensure the appropriate and successful use of Fort Worth ISD-affiliated social media accounts. The District will continue to adapt to the ever-evolving social media landscape as new technologies and tools emerge. These guidelines will be updated as needed.

Questions to Consider

When discussing the creation of a social media account, be prepared to answer the following questions:

Who will manage the account?

  • Who will be responsible for posting content and monitoring engagement?

What is your message?

  • What information do you want to share?
  • What initiative/event do you want to highlight?
  • Is there enough dynamic content to post at least once per day?

Who is your audience?

  • Whom are you trying to engage?
  • How will they benefit from your social media presence?
  • Who are your secondary audiences?
  • How will you reach out to them initially?
  • What is your plan to build your audience? Remember, a new account starts without followers.

What are your goals?

  • What are the desired results of your social media account?
  • Are your goals measurable?
  • How will you assess your success?

FWISD Social Media Protocol

Fort Worth ISD-affiliated social media accounts should be focused and should complement the Fort Worth ISD’s official website and social media profiles. Fort Worth ISD news releases should originate from the official District website and social media profiles due to the vast reach of these established audiences. In order to eliminate source confusion, FWISD-affiliated accounts are encouraged to share and retweet these items, but should not replicate in visual identity or content the official District accounts. If you have news that should be shared through official FWISD accounts, please contact

Account Management

Any sites, accounts, or pages existing absent prior authorization will be subject to review, editing or removal. To request permission for a District-affiliated site, please contact the Communications Department.

When account managers have left their position and no longer require access to social media profiles, you must notify the Communication Department immediately. Please contact the Communications Department to remove or add an Editor.

Communications reserves the right to disable or temporarily unpublish Fort Worth ISD-related social media accounts that are dormant (no posts, no activity) for more than TWO months, as such stagnancy reflects poorly on the District.

Rules of Engagement

  1. No profanity
  2. No vulgarities
  3. No accusations or accusatory language toward an individual (or group of individuals)

We encourage participation on FWISD Facebook pages. We ask that visitors exercise civility and good will in their communication. Any comments that are intentionally rude or deride the opinions of others will be removed.

Any violation of the three rules of engagement will result in immediate banishment from the page and could be reported to Facebook for termination from the network. Also be aware that comments are public comments and can and may be used by anyone else, including news media.