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In addition to applying for state and federal entitlement funds, the Development team searches for and researches opportunities for discretionary funds to support innovation. Discretionary grants are awarded based on eligibility and merit. Proposals are subject to competitive review, a process that varies in length and scope based on the funder. 

STEP 1: Determine the need.
Many needs can be met through local, state, or federal funds, but innovative programs and unique projects often begin with a discretionary grant. 

STEP 2: Develop a plan.
Begin with the end in mind: What do you hope to achieve? Who will benefit? How much money do you need? How will the money be spent? 

STEP 3: Identify a grant opportunity.
A single application to a foundation that shares your vision may yield better results than ten far-flung applications. Some organizations accept proposals year-round, while others have strict deadlines.

STEP 4: Complete the New Grant Questionnaire.
This will help you develop your proposal and obtain the necessary approvals. The Development team will provide as much help as you need.

STEP 5: Write your proposal.
If you have completed the steps above, the writing will be a snap. 

STEP 6: Review and submit.
Ask your colleagues, supervisor, and the Development team to review your draft before you submit. 

STEP 7: Share the love.
When you receive a grant, contact us. We will help you with the paperwork.