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Public Input

Public Comments on the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application 2024 – 2025 


Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Section 8306(a)(7) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Program-Specific Provisions and Assurances requires Fort Worth ISD to receive public comment before the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application is submitted to TEA. Fort Worth ISD is projecting to submit the 2024-2025 ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application on Friday, June 26, 2024, for the following grants listed belowThe public comment period is from May 20, 2024 – June 10, 2024. Please click the following link to make public comments: ESSA Public Comment. 



Fort Worth ISD parents, community members, and staff are invited to submit Public Comments during the May Board Meeting to discuss the federal programs authorized by Every Student Succeeds Act.  



TITLE I, PART A: $31,737,220​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
Title I, Part A, is a federal entitlement program under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), reauthorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), that provides supplemental funding through state education agencies to school districts to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and prepare for college success. Title I, Part A, provides supplemental funds in three areas: 

  • Instruction for student achievement 

  • Professional development (PD) 

  • Parent and family engagement 

Fort Worth ISD TITLE I, PART A Initiatives 

  • Campus Based set aside 

  • Campus Tier Support 

  • Dean of Instruction 

  • Family Engagement Specialist 

  • Instructional Coaches 

  • Required set asides, Homeless, Foster Student services, Family & Community Engagement, 

  • Early Childhood Interventions 

  • Charter Partnerships  

  • Administration of Programs 

  • Compliance and Evaluation 

  • Federal Programs 

  • Campus Improvement 



TITLE I, PART C: $27,930 
The purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to design and support programs that help migrant students overcome the challenges of mobility, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, and other difficulties associated with a migratory lifestyle. These efforts are aimed at helping migrant students succeed in school and successfully transition to postsecondary education or employment. Fort Worth ISD is currently in consortium with Education Service Center Region 11 to provide services to students and families residing within the district boundaries.  



TITLE I, PART D, SUBPART 2: $409,685 
Title I, Part D, Subpart 2, funds support programs for children and youth who are neglected, delinquent, or at risk. Federal entitlement funds are allocated to: 

  • Support the operation of local educational agency programs that involve collaboration with locally operated correctional facilities 

  • Carry out high-quality education programs to prepare children and youth for secondary school completion, training, employment, or further education 

  • Provide activities to facilitate the transition of such children and youth from the correctional program to further education or employment 

  • Operate programs in local schools, including schools operated or funded by the Bureau of Indian Education, for children and youth returning from correctional facilities, and programs which may serve at-risk children and youth 



TITLE II, PART A: $3,126,821 
Title II, Part A, funds are allocated to increase student academic achievement through: 

  • Improving teacher and principal quality 

  • Increasing the number of highly effective teachers in classrooms 

  • Increasing the number of highly qualified principals and assistant principals in schools 

Fort Worth ISD TITLE II, PART A Initiatives 

  • Recruitment and Certification  

  • Early Learning Interventions 

  • Teacher Professional Development 

  • Charter Partnerships 

  • Administration of Programs 

  • Compliance and Evaluation 

  • Federal Programs 

  • Campus Improvement 


TITLE III, PART A ELA: $2,543,754 
IMMIGRANT: $289,788 
Title III, Part A, aims to ensure that English learners (ELs) and immigrant students attain English proficiency and develop high levels of academic achievement in English. Title III, Part A, funds are allocated to help all English learners meet the same challenging state academic standards that all students are expected to meet. 

Fort Worth ISD Title III, Part A Initiatives 

  • Support the effectiveness of the Dual Language and ESL instructional programs with additional supplemental activities 

  • Upgrading curricula and supplemental instructional resources including software for Emergent Bilingual (EB) and immigrant students 

  • Enrichment tutoring and/or summer school for EB and immigrant students 

  • Educational field trips for emergent bilingual and immigrant students 

  • Journey’s student leadership development 

  • Provide effective supplemental professional development to teachers, staff, and administrators to support emergent bilingual students 

  • National Conferences 

  • Academic Content Coaches 

  • EB Parent, Family, and Community Initiatives 

  • Academic Language Development and Biliteracy Initiatives 

  • Offer supplemental parent, family, and community engagement activities specifically targeting emergent bilingual and immigrant families 

  • EB Parent Trainings and Conference including hosting TEA Watch Parties and EB Parent Make and Take Workshops 

  • Multilingual Education Biliteracy Fair 

  • Community Health Fair 



TITLE IV, PART A: $2,527,224 
Title IV, Part A, supports student and academic enrichment by increasing the capacity of state educational agencies, local educational agencies, schools, and local communities to: 

  • Provide all students with access to a well-rounded education 

  • Improve school conditions for student learning 

  • Improve the use of technology to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students. 

Fort Worth ISD TITLE IV, PART A Initiatives 

  • Student Behavioral Support  

  • Counseling 

  • Family & Community Engagement Support  

  • Response to Intervention 

  • Attendance Control 

  • College and Career Readiness 

  • Post Secondary Success Initiatives 

  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) 

  • OnRamps 

  • American College Testing (ACT) and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) 

  • Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) 

  • College Advisors 


Please contact the Fort Worth ISD Federal Programs staff with questions, comments, or concerns.  

Fort Worth ISD Contact: Grants Department  
Grants and Development 

Federal Grants Board Reports

Each quarter, FWISD Grants & Development provides a report to the FWISD Board of Education outlining each grant program for which FWISD has submitted a proposal during the previous quarter. Submitted reports will also be made available here for public information.