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Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) participates in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The YRBS is an anonymous survey and no identifying data is collected.  It is a survey utilized across the nation and is conducted every other year with randomly selected students enrolled in grades 9-12. The YRBS was designed to:  determine how often unhealthy behaviors occur; assess whether unhealthy behaviors increase, decrease, or stay the same over time; provide data at the national, state, territorial and freely associated state, tribal, and local levels; provide data comparing different groups of adolescents; monitor progress toward achieving healthy People Objectives and other program goals. These behaviors are often established during childhood and early adolescence.

Some of the health-related behaviors and experiences monitored are: 

  • Student demographics:  sex, sexual identity, race, and ethnicity, and grade
  • Youth health behaviors and conditions:  injury and violence, bullying, sexual, diet and physical activity, obesity, and mental health, including suicide
  • Substance use behaviors:  electronic vapor product and tobacco product use, alcohol use, and other drug use
  • Student Experiences:  parental monitoring, school connectedness, unstable housing, and exposure to community violence

The YRBS results help to monitor adolescent health behavior changes over time, helps to identify approaching health issues, and plan and assess program to support adolescent health.  The YRBS data is used by educators, doctors, community organizations, health departments, and lawmakers to guide and inform community programs, communications campaigns, and other efforts.  FWISD utilizes the results of the YRBS to drive decisions on health education, student support services, and Coordinated School Health programming. 

More information about the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) can be found at:  YRBS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Additionally, the video links below provide informational overviews about the YRBS.

YRBS Overview Video

CDC YRBS Message for Parents Video

2023 FWISD YRBS Questions

CDC National Data 2021

YRBS Data Summary & Trends Report 2011-2021


2015-2019 Trend Report Total

2015-2019 Trend Report Male Students

2015-2019 Trend Report Female Students

2015-2019 Trend Report Hispanic Students

2015-2019 Trend Report Black Students

2015-2019 Trend Report White Students

2019 Sexual Identity Summary

2019 Sex of Sexual Contacts Summary

2019 Total by Age, Grade, Race, and Sex

2019 Total by Academic Achievement

2017 Survey Data

2015 Survey Data


First page of the PDF file: 2019_Youth_Risk_Survey_Brochure_WEB
First page of the PDF file: 2019_Youth_Risk_Survey_Brochure_Spanish_WEB
First page of the PDF file: 2017_Youth_Risk_Survey_Brochure-FINAL_Web
First page of the PDF file: 2017YRBS-Spanish-Web
First page of the PDF file: Youth_Risk_Survey_Brochure_Eng
First page of the PDF file: Youth_Risk_Survey_Brochure_Sp