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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are students and families eligible to receive services?

  • Services are initiated immediately after a student is identified as unhoused.  The supports and services provided will continue to the end of the current school year.  Eligibility is re-assessed every school year to continue participation in the program.

How do I determine what campus my unhoused child should attend?

  • Students can either attend their school of origin (campus they were attending when they became unhoused) OR students can attend their school of location (based on current residence).  To determine school of location, utilize this link:  School Site Locator

How do I request assistance with uniforms, school supplies, winter coat, hygiene supplies, etc.?

  • Utilize the following link to request items needed for the student to remain in school:  Resouce Referral Form

Who are the designated staff providing services to students/families through the H.E.L.P. Program?