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Campus Resources

The key to changing social norms is the involvement of our youth.  The It's Not Okay initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for students to take the lead in creating positive and respectful school environments. 

By using the resources found within this website, adults can help young people learn more about the issues that impact them everyday- issues such as bullying, dating violence, gangs and more. This page provides resources to adults and youth interested in creating an youth club or group focused on respect and kindness to others.

Resources & Ideas


Cesar Chavez Elementary

Cesar Chavez ES teacher Roberto Amaya helped students create an anti-cheating video and support the INOK message.

>> Watch the video!

Chavez also created an INOK song. The "It's Not Okay: Cheating" lyrics are below: 

It's not okay, It's not okay
Cheating on a test, It's not okay (repeat)

If you cheat on a test, you'll get a bad education
If you cheat on a test, you'll have a bad reputation 

It's not okay! 

Manuel Jara Elementary

Manuel Jara ES teachers recognize Kindness Kid of the Week in each classroom. The student receives a certificate, gets their name in a drawing for a bike at the end of the six weeks, and is photographed with their Kindness Group (all students chosen each Friday). The photos are posted in the hallway with the motto "Kindness makes our school glow bright." 

Rosemont Elementary

INOK is noted in the parent/staff newsletters, mentioned each Tuesday and Thursday during announcements after Character Network Bully/Hero Alerts, and incorporated into guidance lessons dealing with Interpersonal Effectiveness, Responsible Behavior and Cross Cultural Effectiveness. The school is also coordinating with Rosemont MS on how office aids can mentor ES students and re-emphasize INOK.  

T.A. Sims Elementary

T.A. Sims ES held a Bully Free Starts With Me - It's Cool to Care weeklong anit-bullying campaign. Each day held a special theme and studends created a video to show what bullying looks like.

South Hills Elementary

South Hills ES has created videos related to INOK topics for students by students.

Sunrise-McMillan Elementary

Sunrise-McMillan ES held an INOK student rally. Students participated in a poster contest, signed pledge cards and were invited to a assembly with INOK-related skits. Winners of the poster contest were also announced at the end of the assembly.

Waverly Park Elementary

Waverly Park ES put together a group of enthusiastic students who wanted to address cyberbullying during a school assembly. After the assembly, the students passed out INOK buttons to their peers.

Woodway Elementary

Woodway's campus INOK Committee presented to every classroom and asked students and teachers to sign pledge cards. They then took each classes cards and hung them in the cafeteria.

Film Clips for Character Education
Nonprofit Film Clips for Character Education provides short fully licensed clips from popular Hollywood movies with age-appropriate teacher guides designed to launch exciting k-12 cross-curriculum standards based learning experiences.

GLSEN - Ready, Set, Respect!
The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) today released a new toolkit, Ready, Set, Respect! to help elementary educators ensure that all students feel safe and respected and develop respectful attitudes and behaviors. The GLSEN resource provides a set of tools to help educators prepare themselves for teaching about respect to students at the elementary school level.

GLSEN -ThinkB4You Speak
Think Before You Speak" features humorous TV PSAs with celebrities interrupting teenagers who use the term "that's so gay."

Watch the videos: Shopping | Store | Basketball| Restaurant

Benbrook Middle School
The Benbrook MS INOK student organization collaborated with the Fort Worth After School program for a Mardi Gras celebration to deliver a message of diversity and respect. At the event, the school band played, the drama team wrote anti-bullying scripts that they also performed, and art work was exhibited that reinforced the message of respect. Students also had face painting, arts and craft, and informational booths. Parents and the community could also take the INOK pledge.

Forest Oak Middle School

Forest Oak MS held a Random Acts of Kindness week. Students signed the INOK student pledge card, committed Random Acts of Kindness and were rewarded with INOK pencils. Faculty and staff wore buttons to reinforce the message.

Applied Learning Academy

As students were discussing Shakespeare in English class, INOK themes represented in the play begin to stand out. After a good discussion, the teacher revamped the applied learning assignment to include time for the students to work in small groups and create skits to illustrate what's "not okay."

Leonard Middle School

Leonard MS has incorporated the INOK idea into its daily activities. There is an INOK related theme on campus each day with a corresponding message on the school PA system. At lunch students can sign pledge cards and get a button. Thursday has become the "Meet Me at the INOK Corral" day, where students can have group photos taken and will be shared on the campus and District websites.

McLean Middle School

McLean MS held an all-school assembly to show the INOK "Making A Difference" video. The school also invited Gabe Salazar, a professional youth motivational speaker, to address parents and students.

Meacham Middle School

Meacham will hold a community walk to spread the INOK message about bullying and violence. They are also looking for ways to partner with community organizations for a service learning project.

Stripling Middle School

During Red Ribbon Week, the school invited the Fort Worth Fire Department out to hold an accident simulation for students on the dangers of drunk and drugged driving.

>> View a video slideshow.

As part of a student project, 7th grader Allyeah Thompkins, created this video about believing in one's self and acceptance of other.

>> Watch her video.

Film Clips for Character Education

Nonprofit Film Clips for Character Education provides short fully licensed clips from popular Hollywood movies with age-appropriate teacher guides designed to launch exciting k-12 cross-curriculum standards based learning experiences.