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Junior Cadet Corps (JCC)

Junior Cadet Corps (JCC)

The Junior Cadet Corps (JCC) offers an outstanding elective course for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. It emphasizes leadership development, positive self-esteem, teamwork and responsible patriotic citizenship. Cadets are taught professional courtesy, respect, discipline and basic leadership traits in preparing them for the transition to high school. Strong emphasis is placed on honesty, values, self-discipline, physical fitness and a desire to graduate from high school.

Prepare students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as American citizens.

Responsible Citizenship with Commitment to Community and School Service.

Honor Code:
I do not lie, cheat, or steal, and will always be accountable for my actions.



  • Annual Observation
  • Annual Leadership Camp
  • Annual STEM Camps
  • Annual Veteran's Day Parade
  • Annual Pass In Review Award Ceremony
  • Community Service (Color Guard Support)
  • Intra-District Drill Competition (Fall & Spring)
  • JCC Annual Military Ball
  • MLK Parade
  • Mexican Independence Day Parade
  • Trinity Trot 5K Run

Contact Us

LTC (R) Richard Crossley
US Army Retired
Director JROTC Programs

LTC (R) Cedric Williams
US Army Retired
Deputy Director JROTC Programs

1SG (R) Terrence L. Campbell
US Army Retired
Admin, Operation and Training Manager JROTC Programs

2801 Patino Rd. (Exterior Gym)
Ft. Worth, TX 76112