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Service Network 4


Phone: 817-814-2402

Dr. Tamekia Brown

Eastern Hills, Polytechnic, South Hills

Secondary School Leadership, Elementary School Leadership, Specialized Learning, Guidence & Counseling


Secondary School Leadership

Dr. Susan Hernandez

Campus Support: South Hills HS, Eastern Hills HS, Polytechnic HS, Metro Opportunity, William James MS, Meadowbrook MS, Morningside MS, Rosemont MS, Jean McClung MS, IM Terrell HS

Elementary School Leadership

Deborah Traylor

Campus Support: West Handley ES, Eastern Hills ES, East Handley ES, Meadowbrook ES, Morningside ES, Sagamore Hills ES, Bill J. Elliott ES, TA Sims, Lowery Road ES

Dr. Olga Romero

Campus Support: Carroll Peak ES, SS Dillow ES, Greenbriar ES, Van Zandt Guinn ES, Hubbard Heights ES, D. McRae ES, Richard Wilson ES, South Hills ES, Worth Heights ES, Edward J. Briscoe ES, Seminary Hills Park ES

Specialized Learning

Aubrey Thomas

Guidence & Counseling

Diane Lopez-Martinez