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Electronic W2

As an FWISD employee, it is important to maintain updated contact information to ensure easy access to your W2 through the Employee Self Service Hub. With tax season quickly approaching, it is an opportune time to update your alternate email, mailing address, and W2 delivery preferences.

By choosing electronic delivery through your alternate email, you will receive quicker and more secure delivery of your W2, while reducing risks of mishandled or stolen copies sent through the traditional mail system.

Moreover, electronic W2s will be available to you much faster, unlike paper W2s, which must be postmarked by the IRS by January 31st.

Additionally, if you misplace your W2, you can easily print a copy from ESS.

Finally, if you intend to leave the district before the end of the year, selecting electronic delivery ensures that your W2 will be delivered to you without contacting the Payroll Department.

Updating your information in ESS only takes a few minutes, so please do not hesitate to do it today!

Opting for Electronic W2 Delivery Video Tutorial