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There is not a formula or methodology to achieve midpoint of the range. Upward movement in the salary range is generally dependent upon the value of the across-the-board salary adjustment compared to the movement of the range midpoint (based on the market in the same year).

Per the Compensation Manual:

Salary Increase Eligibility
Board-approved general salary increases apply to employees in permanent positions. Board Policy DEA (Local) states:

“To be eligible for a pay increase, an employee must have a satisfactory evaluation from the prior school year.” This policy also states: “In order to qualify for a year of experience or an approved salary increase in a subsequent year, an employee must have worked and been paid for at least four and one-half months, a full semester of more than four calendar months, or 90 actual working days in the current year. An employee may combine days worked in another school district, or other accredited entity recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), in the current year with days worked in the District in the current year to satisfy this requirement, provided the service rendered in the other district is evaluated as creditable according to state and local regulations regarding service credit.”