New Health & PE Teachers 2019-2020
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Welcome to Health and Physical Education

  • Health, Physical Education & Coordinated School Health

    The Fort Worth ISD supports health and physical education for all students.  Lifetime benefits are derived from an active lifestyle and knowledge of the importance of nutrition, hygiene, and healthy choices made at a personal and interpersonal level.

    Our Mission
    To teach all FWISD students the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and provide tools to achieve lifetime wellness.
    Our Health & Physical Education curricula aligns with state and national standards, and falls under the umbrella of our TEA-approved Coordinated School Health program.


    • Elementary Health- 30 lessons per year
    • Elementary Physical Education- a minimum of 135 minutes per week
    • 6th Grade Health & Physical Education- "Moving to Wellness", a year-long course combining health and PE concepts
    • 7th & 8th Grade Physical Education- one semester required each grade level
    • High School Health- one semester required for graduation
    • High School Physical Education- two semesters required for graduation


    Links to School Board Policies

    >>Local Wellness Policy

    >>Elementary Physical Education Requirement

    >>Secondary Physical Education Requirement

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    Teaching & Learning Center, 1050 Bridgewood Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76112

  • Health & Physical Education Department-1050 Bridgewood Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76112

    Roina Baquera, PhD

    Kathie Eddleman
    Admin. Assoc. & Fitness Testing Coord.

    Brooke Sharples
    Health Coordinator

    Health Curriculum Specialist

    Cherrelle Tillis
    Physical Education Curriculum Specialist