Here at Arlington Heights we strive for success through performing arts. With out Musical Theatre Program of Choice we keep our students active in the theatre community.

    During the 2018-2019 school year, the school will perform 2 musicals, 2 full length plays and compete in the UIL One Act Play, the Betty Buckley Awards and Dallas Summer Musical - High School Musical Theatre Awards competitions. Our facility is well equipped with an all LED lighting system, full cyclorama and skrim.

    We take great pride in our space and in our actors. Each year, Arlington Heights has advanced in our yearly competition, leading the way for other Fort Worth schools. Each year, we are growing and working to push the boundaries of educational theatre. Feel free to contact our directors for more information!  


    -Lopez, Garcia, Bullard





  • Jeremy Lopez - Co-Director of Theatre Arlington Heights


    Andrew Bullard - Co-Director of Theatre Arlington Heights 


    Eddie Garcia - Technial Theatre at Arlington Heights High School