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    Patrick Bostice


    • Bio
      • Coach Bostice is a 5th year math teacher and coach who has spent all 3 years at Benbrook High School. Coach Bostice graduated from Crowley High in 2013 top 10% of his graduating class and then in 2018 graduated from UNT with a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education. He completed his student teaching experience and intern coaching in Corinth at Lake Dallas High School.
      • Coach Bostice's Coaching is in Football, Basketball and Track. When he isn't at school or helping athlete excel at their craft he spends time with family and friends by playing video games, hanging out or watching tv. Main video games include Apex, Madden and MLB the show. Main Tv shows include any animes, crime shows like CSI Maimi and Criminal Minds. Favorite Sports teams are Dallas Cowboys Dallas Mavericks and Texas Rangers.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Football Coach
      • Track Coach
      • Basketball Coach
    • Courses
      • Pre-Calculus
        • Google Classroom
          • 3rd Period: r6hb5bw
        • Remind
          • 3rd Period: @bosticecal
      • Algebraic Reasoning
        • Google Classroom
          • Period 1: stotobc
          • Period 2: wyemm24
          • Period 5: tzjtcp7
          • Period 7 : zz3ojgo 
        • Remind
          • 1st Period: @bostice1
          • 2nd Period: @bost2nd
          • 5th Period: @bost5
          • 7th Period: @bostice7th
      • High School Enrichment
        • Remind
          • 6th Period: @bosenrichm
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    John Carlin

          (not pictured)

    • Bio
      • I received my bachelor degree from Texas Tech University. Last year was my first year in a classroom at Riverside middle school, teaching math. I co-taught 6th grade accelerated, 7th grade Pre-AP, Pre-Algebra, and Geometry. I look forward to an exciting new year and the challenges that are ahead of us, knowing that together we will conquer all. I teach to develop and prepare the future for what is to come. Certain teachers that I had provided me with lessons that still resonate today. I hope to "pay it forward" and be a positive and supportive teacher just as those teachers were for me.
    • Courses
      • Pre-AP 7th Grade Math 
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    Samuel De Valdenebro

    De Valdenebro

    • Bio
      • Educational Background
        2004 - 08 Baylor University, Bachelor of Arts – Pre-Med & International Studies
        2009 - 12 University of Texas, School of Public Health - Master of Public Health
        2012 - 15 UT Southwestern, Dept of Clinical Sciences, Population Sciences Division, Cancer Prevention Research

      • Teaching Background
        I have taught at Benbrook for the last 5 years. and in that time I have taught AP Biology, AP Statistics, Pre AP Geometry, Pre AP Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II, and AQR. Before teaching at Benbrook, I worked at The Princeton Review and Sylvan Learning while in college and grad school. This lead me to become a certified teacher for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT, as well as teaching at various ISDs in DFW and Houston under these two companies.

      • Benbrook is my home and I love being part if this faculty. I left Cancer Prevention Research looking trade my cubicle and lab for a more fulfilling profession, and I found that in Benbrook. Our students are a close family and our faculty a positive, dedicated team. Giving back to them is the reason I come in to teach everyday."

    • Courses
      • AP Biology
        • Google Classroom Code
          • isl4k55
      • AP Statistics
        • Google Classroom Code
          • kc6ia4l
      • Anatomy & Physiology
        • Google Classroom Code
          • kkks7tr
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    Brady Donart 




    • Bio
      • I am starting my 18th year as a teacher/coach and my 5th year at Benbrook Middle-High School. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.S. in Mathematics and earned my M.Ed in Educational Leadership from University of Texas at Tyler. I look forward to the challenges of the new year and accomplishing our goals as the year progresses.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Football and Track/Field
    • Google Voice: 6822331241
    • My Office Hour Google Meet Code : bdonart071
    • Courses':
      • Pre-AP Algebra 2
      • On Ramps College Algebra
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    Syna Donart

            Syna Donart

    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Information Systems
      • Masters of Science in Mathematics
      • Teaching math and coaching for 16 years
      • I like being a Bobcat because of the sense of family we have created. #FamilyAllIN
      • I teach to inspire young adults to be the best that they can be.
    • Activities at BMHS: 
      • Cross Country Coach
      • Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
    • OnRamps Pre-Calculus (Dual Enrollment)
      • Google Classroom
        • 3rd Period: 7obwwwg
        • 4th Period: a5wecam
      •  Remind
        • @donorp 
    • PreAP Pre-Calculus
      • Google Classroom
        • 2nd Period: ibveynd
        • 6th Period: sdaojo4
        • 7th Period: jrdnd73 
      • Remind: @donapp
    • Google Voice
      • 817-668-0148
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     Melina Gonzalez

           Melina Gonzalez

    • Bio
      • I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2011 with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Music. This will be the start of my 10th year teaching and Benbrook has been my home for all 10 years. I taught 6th English for 4.5 years and switched to Math halfway through my 5th year. Teaching Math is one of my many passions and I enjoy helping students build a love for it. I love helping my students become life long learners and productive, hard working citizens.
    • Google Voice: 682-710-3608
    • 8th Grade Math
      • Period 1
        • Remind: @Gonzo01
        • Google Class Code: i3fzpd7
      • Period 2
        • Remind: @Gonzo02
        • Google Class Code: iyizf6q 
      • Period 4
        • Remind: @Gonzo04
        • Google Class Code: bbt6qkb 
      • Period 6
        • Remind: @Gonzo06
        • Google Class Code: 5343e24 
      • Period 7
        • Remind: @Gonzo07
        • Google Class Code: hsfafll 
      • Period 8
        • Remind: @Gonzo08
        • Google Class Code: 7bvn3lm
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    Doug Heick 




    • Bio
      • Mr. Heick is a 26 veteran in education. He has spent all 26 years teaching math in FWISD. He started at Stripling Middle School then went to McLean Middle, South Hills High School and has been at Benbrook Middle/High since it opened in 2011.
      • Mr. Heick attended the University of North Dakota and received a Bachelor's of Science in Education.  He has been    awarded Teacher of the Year three times at three different campuses and won the Teaching Chair for Excellence in Math from FWISD.
      • When Mr. Heick isn't at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.  He enjoys playing golf with family and friends, attending Baylor games, watching sporting events, and camping.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • 8th grade Volleyball
    • Pre-AP Algebra 1
      • Remind: @2d96dc
      • Google Classroom
        • Period 1: dm3ujxp
        • Period 2: vez5urg
        • Period 3: ld6vijy
        • Period 4: 7bm6au4
        • Period 6: ozgulkz
        • Period 7: odexv4e
        • Period 8: 2pg7wts
    • Google Voice: 682-334-4639
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    Robert Jerkins

          (not pictured)

    • Bio
      • I graduated from Lipscomb University in 2008.
      • I'm beginning my first year teaching at Benbrook Middle-High School after spending the last eight years in Florida.
      • I am excited to share my passion for math with my students and look forward to the upcoming school year.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Middle School Football Coach
      • Basketballa Coach
    • Courses
      • Pre-AP Geometry

    Stacy Marquiss




    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education in Math from Grand Canyon University.
      • I love the Benbrook community and the students who I have had the pleasure of teaching here.
      • Algebra is my true passion, and I am so excited for my move to the high school this year to teach Algebra 1.
      • In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, team roping, and playing golf. 
    • Algebra 1
      • Google Classroom:
        • 1: mtqcadf
        • 2: q4iyy53
        • 4: mheus7w
        • 5: flhmnat
        • 7: 3avwl4t
        • 8: enxt4dh
    • Google Voice
      • 682-233-0750
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    Ryan Peterson




    • Bio
      • I have taught math for 12 years in Fort Worth ISD. In addition to teaching math, I am the high school mathematics department chair for Benbrook Middle-High School. I was the school’s 2011-12 teacher of the year and was a finalist for Fort Worth District Teacher of the Year. In 2013, I was named the Freese & Nichols Chair for Excellence in Teaching Secondary Mathematics.
      • I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas and master’s degree in teaching math from Texas Woman’s University. I am currently pursuing his Ph.D. in curriculum studies at Texas Christian University.
      • I live in Fort Worth with my wife, daughter, and three dogs (Penny Lane, Daisy, and Ringo). I enjoy LEGOs and playing piano. I collect vinyl records and love British Invasion-era rock and roll.
    • Activities at BMHS:
      • Mathematics Department Chair
      • Middle and High School Math Clubs
      • Middle School UIL Coordinator
      • High School UIL Journalism Coach
      • 6th Grade Whiz Quiz Coach
      • Graduation Coordinator
      • Senior class sponsor
    • 6th Grade Honors Accelerated Math
      • Remind: @preapaacc
    • AP Calculus AB
      • Remind: @bmhsapcalc
    • AP Calculus BC
      • Remind: @bmhscalcbc
    • Google Site: Mr. Peterson Math

    Holli Swift




    • Bio
      • I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Sciences through Lamar University, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice and Psychology. However, my true passion is sharing my love and knowledge of math with others. This will be my sixth year in education, my second year at Benbrook. I love my BMHS family!!
      • I have seen many students give up because they were left behind at some point. My goal is to find the gap, close it, and put them back on the right path, while giving them the confidence they need to be even more successful.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • MS Basketball
    • Classes
      • 6th Grade Math
        • Google Class Code
          • Period 1: xlmuwse
        • Remind: @ea8aha3
      • 6th Grade Pre-AP Math
        • Google Class Codes:
          • Period 2: 5wom4jx
            Period 4: 53svjmi
            Period 6: 7qzfr7b
            Period 8: hdfbnn7
        • Remind: @9hb3e86
      • 7th Grade Homeroom
        • Google Class Code
          • Period 5: nwnwtzi
        • Remind: @hda8248 
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    Cynthia Thompson




    • Bio & Teaching Philosophy
      • I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I also completed the University’s Mid-Level (4-8) Math Certification program. Additionally, I hold an Associates Degree in Computer Programming.
      • I have eight years experience in public school education, including three years as a middle school math teacher. This school year will be my second year at Benbrook Middle High School. The environment and the support from colleagues and administration are extraordinary.
      • I genuinely enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge and passion for learning. I also stand behind my philosophy that all people are capable of learning. I believe that it is the teacher's responsibility to identify the needs, strengths, and learning preferences of each student to determine what triggers their enthusiasm for learning. It is my goal to continue to develop or ignite, in each student, a passion for learning. 
    • Google Classroom:
      • Per. 2 - htbx7jq
      • Per. 4 - ohexgis
      • Per. 5 - umsbh77
      • Per. 6 - as5zufw
      • Per. 7 - xf4o44c
      • Per. 8 - joke671
    • Google Voice: 817-330-4602
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