• Joseph Autem          


           Joseph Autem  

    • Bio
      • UNT with a degree in physics. Love igniting curiosity in kids.
    • Classes
      • Astronomy
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 1st period: 4tn6avz
          • 2nd period: 7hwlcle
          • 7th period: 6jsutxi
      • IPC
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 6th period: pm6d72q
      • Chemistry
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • 3rd period: 27nut7y
          • 5th period: ijee7a6
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    Saskia Borjas     


    • Bio
      • Education: Bachelors of Science from Kansas State University
      • Teaching Background: 5th year at BMHS
      • I look forward to being a Bobcat because it truly is "Family All In"!
      • I teach because I enjoy working with young people and helping them discover the wonder in the world around them.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • 7th/8th Grade Whiz Quiz Coach
    • Pre-AP Biology
      • Google Classroom:
        • 1st Period code: uph4g63
        • 2nd Period code: lxjt6e4
        • 3rd Period code: ifihi6z
        • 4th Period code: pdwgmoj
        • 6th Period code: bytx5j2
        • 7th Period code: exsnj3n
        • 8th Period code: 3prke3k
      • Remind
        • For students and guardians with the last names A-K: @4bmhsbio
        • For students and guardians with the last names L-Z: @4bmhs
    • Google Voice: 682-233-1005
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    Luke Campbell




    • Bio
      • Bachelor of Arts: Biology Major, Environmental Studies Minor from Austin College. Third Year Teaching in FWISD though I taught for a time in Burleson ISD before coming here. I have taught almost every type of highscool science provided in secondary education. I look forward to being a Bobcat, beacuase I know Bobcats are ready to learn more and use what they know in the world. I teach because I enjoy helping students reach heights they did not know they could reach. I teach high school science because I believe there are some things about our world that everyone should know before they enter adulthood.
    • Classes
    • Google Voice
      • 937-530-3104


    Addison Chapman


    • Bio: I received my Bachelors from Tarleton State University. This will be my second year teaching, my first year was here at Benbrook. I love being apart of the Bobcat family because it really is like a family. Everyone is kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. I teach because I enjoy getting to interact with kids and make an impact in their lives.
    • Courses
      • Pre-AP 8th Grade Science
      • 8th Grade Science
    • Google Voice: 682-233-0579


    Sherri Contreras       





    • Bio
      • Graduated with a Masters in Education, Major in Biology and Chemistry 
      • Many years of teaching. 
      • To show my school spirit, and I look forward to exciting students about chemistry with Aha moments.
    • Activities at BMHS: High School Science Deparment Chair
    • Pre-AP Chemistry
      • Google Classroom:
        • 1st period: 7ni4u73
        • 2nd period: rolf7vj
        • 4th period: w67buft
        • 5th period: w6smipn
        • 6th period: rvo5dou
        • 7th period: dwyff7f
        • 8th period: 3fppakx
      • Remind
        • @kgagg4a
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    Samuel De Valdenebro

    De Valdenebro

    • Bio
      • Educational Background
        • 2004 - 08 Baylor University, Bachelor of Arts – Pre-Med & International Studies
        • 2009 - 12 University of Texas, School of Public Health - Master of Public Health
        • 2012 - 15 UT Southwestern, Dept of Clinical Sciences, Population Sciences Division, Cancer Prevention Research
      • Teaching Background
        • I have taught at Benbrook for the last 5 years. and in that time I have taught AP Biology, AP Statistics, Pre AP Geometry, Pre AP Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II, and AQR. Before teaching at Benbrook, I worked at The Princeton Review and Sylvan Learning while in college and grad school. This lead me to become a certified teacher for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT, as well as teaching at various ISDs in DFW and Houston under these two companies
      • Benbrook is my home and I love being part if this faculty. I left Cancer Prevention Research looking trade my cubicle and lab for a more fulfilling profession, and I found that in Benbrook. Our students are a close family and our faculty a positive, dedicated team. Giving back to them is the reason I come in to teach everyday."
    • Courses
      • AP Biology
        • Google Classroom Code
          • isl4k55
      • AP Statistics
        • Google Classroom Code
          • kc6ia4l
      • Anatomy & Physiology
        • Google Classroom Code
          • kkks7tr
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    Michele Dunham       


    • Bio
      • I have been a science teacher for 22 years. I look forward to working with my students to help them with success this year in science and to plant some seeds in their minds for success in life as well. I also enjoy getting to know my students and learning about their interests.
    • Courses
      • Pre-AP 6th Grade Science
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1: orlznt6
          • Period 8: xwy3sbe   
      • Chemistry
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: wbqdpjt   
          • Period 3: hafsapm 
          • Period 6: gi27s7c     
          • Period 7: ygfihbu     
    • Google Voice
      • 682-990-4085
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    Matthew Garcia





    • Bio
      • 2005 graduate of Southwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in biology
      • 2nd year teaching and as a Bobcat
      • I love to teach and believe that every student can succeed.  Seeing that spark light up in a student's eye or seeing them overcome an obstacle reminds me that being a teacher means the world to me.
    • Classes
      •  Biology
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: zeseth7
          • Period 3: ry6rfaw
          • Period 5: 45hbu27
          • Period 6: xl2ps6b
          • Period 7: ji3nddm
          • Period 8: rwlhlfp
    • Google Voice
      • 682-233-2282
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    Samuel Light




    • Bio
      • Graduate of Mineral Wells HS and Tarleton State University. 16th year teaching. 2nd year at Benbrook. I teach/coach because it gives me the opportunity to pass along the positive impact, guidance and life skills giving to me by my coaches.
    • Activities at BMHS: Football and Basketball coach
    • Pre-AP 6th Grade Science
      • Remind: @6h7h69c
      • Google Classroom Codes:
    • 6th Grade Science
      • Remind: @7bkg44
      • Google Classroom Codes:
        • 2nd   2yav6kd
        • 3rd    mextqdo
        • 4th    h5yimx5
        • 7th    dabvsee
        • 8th    iqr7ky4
    • Google Voice
      • 682-207-6838


    Karen McInnes     





    • Bio:
      • I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies through the College of Education. My major was in Middle School Math and Science. I have been teaching middle school science for the past 8 years. All of those teaching years have been at Benbrook! I love teaching because I get to interact with children and see them learn new things. It brings me joy to see how kids can overcome challenges and thrive in the classroom. I have been on campus since Benbrook Middle's first year. I have seen all the ways that Benbrook has grown through those times. I am so proud to be a Benbrook Bobcat!
    • Activities at BMHS: 7th Grade Volleyball Coach
    • 7th Grade Accelerate Science
      • Remind: @7sciencekm
      • Google Classroom Codes
        • 2nd Period: 6mgejig
        • 3rd Period y5ssjr3
        • 4th period 4nqantx
        • 6th Period b2yhvze
        • 7th Period bnsfoqs
        • 8th Period rous6id
    • Google Voice: 325-455-0378
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    Anthony Roberts      


    • Bio
      • Bachelors degree from San Diego State University, 9 years teaching exp (7th year at BMHS)
      • I teach to help make an impact on young peoples lives.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Student Leadership Council Sponsor
      • Girls Head Soccer Coach
    • Environmental Systems
      • Google Classroom
        • Period 2: zjn6k4m
        • Period 4:gmrabdv
        • Period 6: yr6fdho
        • Period 8: y5o4d3w
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    • Student Leadership Council

    Steven Todoroff


    • Courses
      • Physics
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 4: e7on36l
          • Per 6: 3qhwimn
      • OR Physics 1
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 3: ksqgb42
          • Period 7: vxsgasx
          • Period 8: 75i6qhj
      • OR Physics 2
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: 5ljmbtr
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