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    Melissa Bryant


    • Bio
      • I am currently working on a PhD from Tarleton State University. This will be my seventh year teaching and my fourth at BMHS. I could not be happier to be a bobcat and I look forward to watching my students grow, adapt, and overcome challenges this year.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
      • Yearbook
    • Courses
      • Classes
        • Eng III
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            • 3rd Period - @37df9d
            • 6th Period - @af32a4
        • OnRamps
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            • 5th Period - @64e29e
            • 7th Period - @bhb6a8
        • Yearbook
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            • 2nd Period - @738k6f
            • 8th Period - @gc49ce

    Lajuliet Cheeks


    • Bio
      • I have a BS in Business Management. I have been with FWISD for 5 years, 3 years with Benbrook Middle High School, teaching English, Creative Writting and Structured Literature to 6th and 7th graders. I was a Bobcat way back in the day in 7th and 8th grade, so this is a full circle moment for me. I love helping students see themselves in the texts we read.
    • Classes:
      • 7th Grade Pre-Ap ELA
        • 1st Period nf4pbdg
      • 6th Grade Structured Literature
        • 3rd Period: ktg5yye
        • 7th Period: ad3vich
      • 6th Grade ELA
        • 4th Period: 6ucz5o4;
        • 6th Period: 4uyntpx
      • 7th Grade Homeroom
        • 5th Period: w2rl7gs; 
    • 7th Grade Pre-AP English
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      • 817-631-3081
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    Tiffany Higgins


    • Bio
      • I received my BSW at Tarleton State University and am currently working towards my MEd from Southeastern Oklahoma State. This is my 17th year of teaching and my 4th year at BMHS. I was born and raised in Benbrook, My husband is a Bobcat coach, my oldest was in the first BMHS graduating class and my youngest went through BMHS... It's almost as if I was meant to be a Bobcat.
    • Classes
      • 8th grade ELA
        • Remind: @higgins413
        • Google Class Code
          • Period 1: xjeawxy
          • Period 3: q3ef6a2
          • Period 4: 4znyqz6
          • Period 6: vs5hcur
          • Period 7: hqeasbh 
      • 7th grade Structured Literacy
        • Remind: @higgins7
        • Google Class Code
          • Period 8: myqfrv4
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      • 940-463-5203
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    Michelle Klaustermeier


    • Bio
      • I have a Bachelors in English with an emphasis in literature and prior to teaching at BMHS, I worked with active duty, reserve, and veteran military students. I teach because education empowers! And I am happy to be back with the Bobcat family.
    • Courses
      • English/Language Arts Grade 6
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1: 17q6nop
      • Pre-AP English/Lauguage Arts Grade 6
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 3: gisbc3v
          • Period 4: domzbfl
          • Period 6: jjouidk
          • Period 7: 6wscpmt
          • Period 8: khn5jt3
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    Leilani Massey




    • Bio
      • I have a bachelor of science in secondary English Education. This will be my 6th year of teaching for FWISD and have taught ELA to grades 6-12. I look forward to seeing students shine in all school activities they are involved in at BMHS.
    • Courses
      • English II
        • Remind: @646hd7
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1: nupiz6u
          • Period 4: vncgh5f
          • Period 6: 7o7jwxx
          • Period 7: s3mmkr5
          • Period 8: 532fnl5
      • Pre-AP English II
        • Remind
          • @3d6g7fb
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 3: zxxufxg
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      • 940-202-9506
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    Joshua Mendez        




    • Bio
      • I graduated from The University of Texas @ Arlington in 2011 where I majored in Education. I will be going into my 9th year of teaching and coaching during the 2020-2021 school year. For the past 8 years, I have taught middle school ELA and coached football and basketball. I look forward to being a Bobcat because of the people I get to work with each and every day. These people make coming to work feel like home. I teach because some of the most influential adults in my life were my teachers and coaches and I hope to be that for my students and athletes as well.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Head Varsity Basketball Coach
    • Courses
      • 7th Grade Pre-AP English/Language Arts

    Yenifer Morales Franco




    • Bio
      • TCU Graduate
      • This will be my second year at Benbrook
      • The support and community found at Benbrook is one of the things I am looking forward to the most!
      • I love working with kids and I love literature. Teaching gives me the opportunity to work with both. I also teach because I believe Reading and Writing are doors to not only creating opinions but understanding the world around us and how it functions.
    • Courses
      • 7th Grade English
      • Pre-AP English 1
    • Google Voice
      • 682-233-0638

    Christopher Pavlovich




    • 8th Grade English

    Matthew Smith

    (not pictured)

    • Courses
      • English III
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 1: 6dedbiv
          • Period 5: wsol4il
      • Pre-AP English III
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: 6lxkmo2
          • Period 3: 7fcvkfa
          • Period 4: fmlkecb
          • Period 6: ugdb4z4
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    Wade Veillon




    • Bio
      • I graduated from UNT with a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing and have been teaching high school English since 2015. I teach because it is essential to have a career that feels meaningful, promotes creativity, and allows me to share one of my many passions. Benbrook provides a unique opportunity to shape the culture of an emerging school and community. I am proud to grow along with the school and continue to call myself a bobcat.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Cosponsor of the class of 2022
      • UIL Ready Writing Coach
    • Classes
      • English IV
        • Remind: @7kk8ce
      • Humanities
        • Remind: @98d463
    • Google Voice
      • 817-523-9612