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    Russell Ballard


    russell ballard  


    • Bio
      • Mr. Ballard is a 20 year veteran in education.  He has spent 20 years coaching football, basketball, and track.  This is Mr. Ballard's second time in FWISD and 2nd year at Benbrook.  Mr. Ballard comes to Benbrook after serving as the Head Football Coach at Ponder High School.
      • Mr. Ballard attended Midwestern State University where he received a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Kinesiology, and a Minor in Education.  He then went on to receive a Masters of Science in Health, Kinesiology, and Sports Studies with a concentration in Athletic Administration form Texas A&M University-Commerce.
      • When Mr. Ballard isn't at school, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors.
    • Courses
      • World Geography
      • Honors World Geography
      • Coaching

    Alex Carrillo




    • Bio
      • Coach Carrillo has 30+ years in education.  He began his teaching journey in west Texas and has made his way across the state.  The past 21 years have been spent in FWISD.  This is his 3rd year at Benbrook.
      • He is a middle school football coach and assistant high school wrestling coach for the Bobcats.
      • He attended Angelo State University (Go Rams!) in San Angelo, TX.  He majored in history and has a minor in journalism. 
      • When he isn't at school, he is usually at home using his rotary phone or touch tone phone as a landline connecting his modem, so he can get his free 20 hours of AOL internet.
      • Did you know that in the original Nintendo Duckhunt, you could use the controller to control the duck?
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Middle School Football Coach
      • Assistant High School Wrestling Coach
    • Classes
      • World History 
      • HS Enrichment
      • Competitive Boys Athletics 8th Grade

    Justin Chavez




    • Bio
      • Midwestern State University, BS in Kinesiology
      • I look forward to seeing a new group of students every year.
      • I teach to teach our adolescents to become great contributors to our society and about the game of life through sportsmanship on and off the field.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Head Baseball Coach
      • Assistant Football Coach
    • Classes
      • Pre AP World Geography
      • World Geography


    Sabrina Fantroy-Stevens  




    • Bio
      • Graduate of Texas Wesleyan University (GO RAMS!!) in Political Science and Tarleton State University (GO TEXANS!!) for Teaching Certification.
      • I've been teaching with FWISD for 11 years teaching both the elementary and middle school level.
      • I look forward to being a Bobcat because I get to see scholars that I have had the opportunity to teach in 6th grade grow up and and succeed as they move throughout their educational careers.
      • I teach because I enjoy what I do. 
    • Classes
      • 6th Grade World Cultures and Geography
      • 7th Grade Texas History
    • Google Voice
      • 817-823-7908

    Tiffany Giddens




    • Bio and Personal Statement
      • Mrs. Giddens is a 18-year veteran in education. She spent 8 years teaching 8th grade U.S. History in Arcadia, Florida before moving to Texas and taking an 8th grade U.S. History position at the brand-new Benbrook Middle School. When Benbrook Middle School became Benbrook Middle-High School, she moved up to teach high school history courses. Mrs. Giddens has been a proud Benbrook Bobcat since the day the school opened!
      • Mrs. Giddens attended Kansas State University where she received a Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Education. She is a proud Wildcat and bleeds purple.
      • When Mrs. Giddens isn't at school, she enjoys spending time with her husband traveling the states and the world, and watching every superhero TV show and movie there is. She loves to read, and crochet, and she especially loves attending Fan Expo in Dallas every March. She also loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, which was the biggest reason she moved to Texas
    • Classes
      • AP European History
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 5: a6oya4q
      • AP US History
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: lbpnuuk
          • Period 3: 6kerscg
          • Period 6: gwemuof
          • Period 8: 7f7sse5
      • AVID
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 4: zp3e76p
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      • NHS Adviser
      • Whiz Quiz & Social Studies Coach
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      • 682-990-5896
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    Sarah Hartley





    • Bio
      • I graduated at the top of my class with a B.A. in History from UT El Paso in December of 2017. This will be my third year to teach and my second at BMHS.
      • I love the Benbrook community, our #familyallin mentality, and being able to mold the future of it through our students and that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to explaining why I love to be a Bobcat. I teach American history because I value the lessons we can learn from it and want to instill a love for our country and inspire the change there needs to be to sustain it in the next generation. I coach middle school girls basketball and volleyball and am excited for the coming seasons! Go Bobcats!
    • Classes
      • 8th Grade PreAP US History
    • Sponsor
      • MS Volleyball
      • MS Basketball
    • Google Voice
      • 682-233-1487


    Joseph Hicks




    • Bio
      • Mr. Hicks has been teaching and coaching for 9 years.
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Head Golf Coach
      • Football coach
    • Classes
      • 7th Grade Pre-AP Texas History 
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     Lacy Little

            Lacy Little      

    • Bio
      • Education: Master in Public Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington; Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas Christian University
      • Teaching background: 15 years as a social studies teacher
      • While teaching 8th grade social studies has always been a great interest of mine, the excitement of seeing student success and growth is what drives my passion of serving as an educator. I am incredibly excited about the adventures of this upcoming school year; and I couldn't be more proud to be a member of this amazing Bobcat community!
    • Activities at BMHS
      • Middle School Social Studies Department Chair
    • Classes
      • 8th Grade U.S. History
        • Google Class Codes
          • 2nd Period code: ksgsouw
          • 3rd Period code: pmcu7tf
          • 4th Period code: ugcgelf
          • 6th Period code: 5epprpg
          • 7th Period code: ozf7u6r
          • 8th Period code: wvxrnna
        • Remind: Students with last names that begin with A-K-@llittle1; Students with last names that begin with L-Z-@llittle2
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      • 469-351-9762
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    Ethan McGilvray

    (not pictured)       

    • Courses
      • OnRamps U.S. History
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 3: alap2xk
      • U.S. History
        • Google Classroom Codes
          • Period 2: ndiuhu4 
          • Period 4: 5ntndlr
          • Period 6: fsul433
          • Period 7: oa25334
          • Period 8: riqar77
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    Vivianne Morgan




    • Bio
    • Classes
      • 6th Grade Geography
    • Remind
    • Contact


      Katie Taylor   


           Katie Taylor

    • Bio
    • AP Human Geography
    • Psychology
    • Sociology