• Kimberly McGee




    B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice

    M.S. Business Management

    21 yrs experience working with youth 

    Google Site: https://sites.google.com/view/arlingtonheightspyramid/home

    I am the STAY IN SCHOOL COORDINATOR(TRUANCY SPECIALIST) for the Arlington Heights Pyramid. I am located in room 115. As a STAY IN SCHOOL COORDINATOR, I am responsible for enforcing the COMPULSORY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE LAWS AND DISTRICT ATTENDANCE POLICIES by taking the prevention measures,  using interventions and making referrals as needed for the SUCCESS of our students. A constant effort is made to assess the needs of the students and their families and provide necessary prevention, intervention, and wraparound services.

    The Texas Compulsory School Attendance laws impose a duty on all nonexempt children who are at least six years of age, or who is younger than six years of age and has previously been enrolled in first grade, and who has not yet reached the child's 19th birthday shall attend school in the district in which they reside every day school is in session for the entire time instruction is offered. If your child is absent from school without excuse for ten or more days or parts of days within a six-month period, you, the parent or guardian, may be charged with Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance under Texas Education Code Section 25.093. Students who are absent without excuse ten or more days or parts of days within a six-month period may be charged with Student Engaging in Truant Conduct, a civil offense under Texas Education Code Section 25.085.

    A person who voluntarily enrolls in school or voluntarily attends school after the person's 19th birthday shall attend school each school day for the entire period the program of instruction is offered.  A school district may revoke for the remainder of the school year the enrollment of a person who has more than five absences in a semester that are not excused under Section 25.087.

    A student who is in attendance for at least 75 percent but less than 90 percent of the days a class is offered may be given credit for the class if the student completes a plan approved by the school's principal that provides for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class. 

    A student can meet the 90 percent attendance requirement for class credit and still be deemed truant under Texas Education Code Section 25.093, however if a student's attendance is less than 90 percent of the days a class is offered, the student is undeniably truant.

    Saturday School Dates:


    Our goal as a CAMPUS is to graduate ALL students, so they may become SUCCESSFUL PILIERS in our community. If you have a student that needs encouragement to get to school, please feel free to contact me via phone/email to schedule an appointment to come in.