• Welcome to Whiz Quiz, Season 2018-2019!

    What is it: An Academic College Bowl Competition for all grades to use their knowledge


    Meets Begin: the Week of October 5th

    Meets End: Week of November 16th


    6th Grade will be on Tuesday’s @5pm-6pm

     7th/8th Grade will be on Thursday’s @5pm-6pm

    H.S. will be on Thursday’s @4pm-5pm


    ***If we make it...Finals will be held in January***

  • Coaches/Sponsors:

    6th Grade: Ms. Andrea Rogers

    Email: Andrea.Rogers@fwisd.org

    Remind: #81010 Text: @6thwhiz


    7th/8th Grade: Ms. Tyler Harris

    Email: Tyler.Harris@fwisd.org

    Remind: #81010 Text: @ywlawh


    High School: Ms. Pris Montoya

    Email: Pris.Montoya@fwisd.org

Lets Get Ready to Buzz In...