Board meeting

About the Board of Education

  • From their founding in 1882, the public schools were operated by the Fort Worth city government. In 1925, however, the Texas Legislature removed the city's authority and created the Fort Worth Independent School District, as we know it today, to manage and operate the schools.

    The Fort Worth ISD is controlled locally through a Board of Education Trustees elected by voters within each district. Nine Trustees serve as single-member district representatives. All of the Trustees serve four-year terms without pay. The Board of Education conducts the school program in accordance with the state constitution and the standards set by the Texas Education Agency. A policy-making body, the board delegates the day-to-day administration of the schools to the Superintendent and the professional staff.

    Major responsibilities of the Board:

    • to govern and oversee the management of the school district
    • to levy and collect taxes
    • to set the policies for the FWISD
    • to develop and improve the educational system
    • to secure adequate financing
    • to select the superintendent of schools
    • to foster good community relations

Fort Worth School Trustees Conduct Historic Meeting