• PRINCIPAL: Troy Langston, troy.langston@fwisd.org

      Langston 22

    Mr. Langston has been a professional educator for 26 years. He grew up in the Diamond Hill area of Fort Worth and attended M.H. Moore Elementary, S.S. Dillow Elementary, and the High School for Science and Engineering Professions at P.L Dunbar High School.  Mr. Langston earned a BA in Anthropology from UTA, a BS in Zoology from UT Austin, and a MEd from UTA.  He taught Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Placement Biology for eleven years at Carter Riverside High School and served as Assistant Principal at P.L. Dunbar High School for four years before helping to found The Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences. In the seven years that Mr. Langston led TABS, it  became one of Texas’ highest achieving schools.  Mr. Langston is excited about his fifth year here at Dear Old Paschal, working at Fort Worth's oldest and largest high school and serving our students.  




    Jackie Trevino-Garcia, jacqueline.trevino-garcia@fwisd.org,817-814-5013


    This is Ms. Trevino-Garcia's second year at Paschal. She is here to HELP y se habla Español. Mrs. Garcia is from Fort Worth. She graduated top of her class from Carter-Riverside HS and attended Texas Christian University. While at TCU, she earned a BA in Political Science, BA in Spanish and a Masters in Education. Mrs. Garcia was a teacher at Arlington Heights HS for 21 years. She taught Spanish and AVID. During her time as a teacher, she was a finalist for FWISD District Teacher of the Year. Prior to becoming an assistant principal at Paschal, she was the AVID coordinator for 11 years. She has been a part of many leadership teams within her time as an educator. She has served on teacher leadership groups, an AVID District Professional Development Presenter, as a member of the Equity Team, the Literacy Rally Coordinator, the Care Closet Coordinator, and Special Olympics Co-Coordinator.  Mrs. Garcia is honored and excited to be part of the Paschal Family. This year her duties will include Dean of Instruction for AVID and Special Education, textbooks, Fort Worth After School programming, and 9th grade discipline.  Go Panthers!


    Jennifer Pate, jennifer.pate@fwisd.org, 817-814-5014


    Ms. Pate was a high school English teacher and AVID coordinator before joining the Paschal administrative team in 2019.   Ms. Pate was born and raised in the mid-cities area and has been in education for 23 years. She earned her BS in Education from Stephen F. Austin- where she focused on Kinesiology and English as a Second Language. She later earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University while living in New Mexico working with incarcerated high school dropouts. As much as she enjoyed teaching in corrections, Ms. Pate couldn’t wait to get back home to Texas. This is Ms. Pate’s 8th year in FWISD, third at Paschal, with 5 years being at Marine Creek Collegiate HS. This year, she will be the Dean of Instruction for the Science and Visual Arts departments, and 12th grade discipline. She is Proud to be a Paschal Panther!



    Jessica Leavitt, jessica.leavitt@fwisd.org, 817-814-5015

    Mrs. Jessica Leavitt has been an educator in FWISD for more than 16 years. It is thanks to her high school counselor, who noticed her Algebra 1 math grades were low and taught her the importance of good foundational math skills, that she retook Algebra 1 and met Ms. Hall, the teacher who inspired her to pursue a degree in education. Mrs. Leavitt acquired the beginning credits towards her degree at Tarrant County College and then transferred to Texas Christian University (TCU) to complete her Bachelor of Science in Middle School Mathematics Education. J.P. Elder MS, Wedgwood 6th, and McLean MS were all places she called home while teaching students about 6th through 8th grade mathematics for ten years. Her different leadership experiences at each school led her to obtain her master's in educational leadership from TCU. Mrs. Leavitt then returned to McLean MS as an Assistant Principal where she lead and served in the Paschal pyramid for four years. She is excited to continue to serve the Panther nation as an assistant principal at Paschal, with duties including 11th grade discipline, campus testing, and Dean of Instruction for the CTE department. 



     Ben Swanson, benjamin.swanson@fwisd.org, 817-814-5016


    Mr. Swanson has been an educator in FWISD for more than 15 years.  He served as teacher and assistant principal at Eastern Hills High School for 9 years prior to joining the Paschal team in 2018. His list of duties this year includes 10th grade discipline, Dean of Instruction for Social Studies, Health and PE, safety and security, as well as support for our athletics programs.


     Randy Young

    Randy Young, randy.young@fwisd.org, 817 814-5012


    Mr. Young has served students in FWISD for 21 years.  He was a science teacher at Northside HS, and has been an assistant principal at several high schools.  He joined the Paschal team in 2019.  This year his duties include Dean of Instruction for JROTC, World Languages and English Language Arts,  and 9th grade discipline.