North Side Principal:  Antonio Martinez

     Antonio Martinez  

     North Side is proud to have Antonio Martinez continue to lead North   Side. Mr. Martinez has been in education for over 30 years with the   majority of those years serving in an administrative role. Mr. Martinez   is a native of Fort Worth and earned his Bachelor’s degree from TCU   and Master’s Degree from Texas Woman’s University.

     Mr. Martinez not only believes that every child can learn, he believes in   encouraging North Side students to continue their education after high   school. Keeping busy is not hard for Mr. Martinez, if he is not at school   he is enjoying playing golf, attending football games, staying fit and   spending time with his kids.




    North Side Assistant Principals 

     Gloria Menchaca  

     Gloria Menchaca is a North Side graduate for the class of 1990.  She   received her Bachelor of Science in 1996 from Texas Woman's   University in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  She received   her Master of Science in Deaf Education in August 1998 also from   Texas Woman's University.  And she received a Principal Certification   in 2013 from The University of Texas at Arlington.  

     Ms. Menchaca was a Teacher for the Deaf for 10 years.   She also   taught 8th grade English for 4 years, served as an AVID elective   teacher/Campus Coordinator, and was Dean of Students for a year.  
     I am in my 4th year as an administrator, and loving every minute. I   believe we are lifetime learners, and every moment is a teachable   moment we are given opportunity to grow our mind, heart, and spirit.

    David Trimble


     David Trimble Ph.D.  is in his 7th year at North Side High School.   This is Dr. Trimble's 25th year in education.  He began his career as an     English teacher and coach.  Dr. Trimble was born in Fort Worth and   attended FWISD schools.  Dr. Trimble received his Bachelors, Masters,   and Doctorate degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

     When not in school, Dr. Trimble enjoys spending time with his family.   He loves to hunt, cook, and snow ski.  Dr. Trimble has been married for   23 years and is blessed with two children.

     Ed Caballero  

     Edwin Caballero is enjoying his sixth year at North Side.  He received   his Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree from the   University of Texas at Arlington.  Mr. Caballero has been in education   for over seventeen years in both private and public settings. 

     Mr. Caballero believes that the greatest equalizer among people is   access to equal education for all.  Mr. Caballero is married and has two   beautiful daughters. 

     In his spare time, Mr. Caballero loves to travel, read, and play golf. 

     "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their   neutrality in times of moral crisis."  Dante Alighieri

     Paula Pederson  

    Paula Pederson is the newest addition to the North Side’s administrative team. After several years as the Girls’ Athletic Coordinator at North Side she has made the move into the role of assistant principal. She feels that each day on campus as an administrator is better than the day before because North Side has great students, great parents, and an amazing faculty.

    Prior to arriving at NSHS she coached and taught at J.P. Elder middle school. Her entire educational career has been in the North Side pyramid, which she says, has been a blessing. She received her bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University and her master’s degree in educational leadership from Lamar University. She is also a registered athletic administrator. If she is not at school, she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.