Irasema Garcia

    Lead & 12th Grade Counselor M-Z:  Dr. Irasema Garcia; 817/815-2531
      Judy Vanderslice  12th Grade Counselor A-L:  Judy Vanderslice; 817/815-2535
    Diane Torres 11th Grade Counselor:  Diane Torres; 817/815-2533
    Monica Ortiz 10th Grade Counselor:  Monica Ortiz; 817/815-2536

     Kelley Spell

    9th Grade Counselor:  Kelley Spell; 817/815-2534

    Tanaya Andrade-Martinez

    Acceleration Counselor:  Tanaya Andrade-Martinez; 817/815-2532

     Glen Williams

    College Advisor:  Glen Williams, TCU, 817/815-2537


     College & Career Readiness Advisor

    College & Career Readiness Advisor:  My Nguyen Jones  817/815-2537

    Mrs. My Jones is a graduate of TCU with a B.S. in Environmental Science and is currently pursuing a M.Ed in Educational Leadership at UT Arlington. Prior to becoming the College and Career Readiness Coach at Trimble Tech, My was a TCU Go Center Mentor for three years and the College Advisor at Dunbar High School.  



    Academic Coordinator, Programs of Choice Coordinator

    Academic Coordinator, Programs of Choice Coordinator:  Joseph Flink; 817/815-2538
     Jessica Romero


    Secretary to Academic Coordinator:  Jessica Romero; 817/815-2539


    AVID Coordinator AVID Coordinator:  Reggie Baker;  817/815-2671

    CTE Campus Coordinator

    CTE Campus Coordinator:  Ann Wood; 817/815-2541

    Educational Technology Specialist

    Educational Technology Specialist:  Michael Cummings; 817/815-2512

    Intervention/Prevention Counselor

    Intervention/Prevention Counselor:  Dr. Michael Byrd; 817/815-2570

    Class of 2018 and 2019

    Intervention/Prevention Counselor

    Intervention/Prevention Counselor:  Crystal Mercer; 817/815-2560

    Class of 2020 and 2021

    Tamitra Pannell    PEP Counselor:  Tamitra Pannell; 817/815-2562


    ODYSSEY PROGRAM:  Doug Steward; 817/815-2573

    Counseling Clerk  

    Counseling Clerk:  Rosa Peña; 817/815-2507