Tiffany Derrick, MA, LPC-S, CPS

Phone: OFFICE 817.814.5334 FAX 817.817.5354


Degrees and Certifications:

McLean Middle School Student Support Services – Intervention Services Tiffany Derrick, MA, LPC-S, CPS 3816 Stadium Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76109 OFFICE 817.814.5334 FAX 817.817.5354

Tiffany Derrick, MA, LPC-S, CPS



Welcome to McLean Middle School for the new parents and hello to the returning parents.  I am Mrs. Derrick, the Intervention Specialist, who is responsible for delivering programs and services that address issues of student emotional, social, and behavioral needs in the academic setting.  As Intervention Specialist I will work to improve student emotional, social, and behavioral performances and participation in the educational environment here at McLean.  This is my twenty-fifth year as an Intervention Specialist. 

The Intervention Program has an emphasis on assisting and guiding students in making healthy decisions that will positively impact their academic and social life during middle school.  This is accomplished by providing programs and services that encourage each student’s self-responsibility, decision-making, positive participation, development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and a healthy resiliency towards obstacles they encounter.  Students you may want to refer to the Intervention Program are those who are at risk for developing problems due to their “high-risk” status.

A few of the roles I play are:

1.      To establish campus-based short-term individual and structured group counseling services for students identified as being at-risk for academic failure, dropping out, and or disciplinary action by the administrator.

2.      To provide limited case management services to students with severe and chronic problems.

3.      To collaborate with campus-based and district support service professionals to identify needs, provide services and coordinate referrals to district and community providers.

4.      To provide leadership in the organization, development, and delivery of programs and services to the student and parent/guardian.

5.      To provide information, training, education and consultation services to schools and communities concerning intervention issues.

6.      To provide programs and services to parents that includes education and referral, and facilitates parent involvement.

7.      To develop a needs assessment, goals and objectives and action plan for McLean Middle School.

8.      To maintain familiarity with the McLean community and resources available to students.

9.      To serve as a resource to faculty, staff, and administration in areas of intervention services.


My main focus will be providing individual/group counseling to students.  The areas of concentration are:

► Crisis intervention/Risk assessments                                                                                 

► OCI Group Instruction                                                                             

► Life and Social Skills Instruction 

► Transitional support for new and returning students

 To make a referral you can do one of three things:

1.      Email me the student’s name and concern at

2.      Go on the school’s website at and click on the following links in this order:  (1) ‘Intervention Services’ (2) ‘Make a       referral’.  Please complete the fields and click on send.  I will receive the referral via Webmail.

3.      Complete a short written form located in my box in the Main Office.  Ideally, this will enhance communication and allow me to follow up with the   referral source.  Please feel free to stop by office 229 (located on the second floor, directly across the center stairwell), with any feedback,                   concerns, or questions.