United States Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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    The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) offers an outstanding elective course and PE Credit for young men and women. It emphasizes leadership development, self-discipline, and responsible patriotic citizenship. Students who are Cadets in this program develop confidence, leadership, and inter-personal relations. Strong emphasis is placed on integrity, personal worth, and physical fitness.  Cadets who are furthermore interested in an advanced course in aviation may also want to enroll in the Aviation Honors Ground School providing they are a Junior or Senior and have met certain JROTC prerequisites in their Freshman and Sophomore years.

    Western Hills has the only Air Force JROTC program within FWISD which is referred to as Group TX-863 (the third AFJROTC unit formed in Texas in 1986).

    Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do! 

    Flag Detail Cadets Now and Then

    The mission of our program is NOT to recruit for the military…BUT it is to instill the values of citizenship, respect and selfless service and a sense of success.   We use the model and instilled core values of the United States (Air Force) uniform to help do this. Having worn the uniform in military service for 34 years prior to an another almost 11 years here it is hard to not see myself in this cloth because more times than not, since I was 18, I have been uniformed during my professional day.  Bringing the concept of uniform wear and what it represents is a challenge to many of our high school students.   However, wearing the uniform can only be done one way…the right way.  ~Russell W. Malesky, Col, USAF (Retired)

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