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  • February 26, 2019
    The Western Hills String Orchestra went to UIL yesterday with 8 students. With an extremely small group that entered this year, we scored "2" for both the performance and sight reading ("1" being the best, "5" being the worst). The students worked very hard to prepare for the concert program and made a lot of improvements since last year. ~Dr. Chaul Yang

  • I'm so proud of our kids! We competed at our Regional Art competition on February 2, 2019 and shattered our previous best result of 5 to State last year. This year, Mrs. Laforge and I have EIGHT  pieces of art going to State. We also had 30 students with 50 pieces of art that scored the top score as well.  

    There were about 2800 entries at our Regional from several districts (about 35 schools) on this side of the DFW with only 80 pieces out of 2800 advancing to state, and our kids at our little school had 13% of them. Our kids kill it in art! 

    Their Division is based on their art experience. Division 1 is first year art, and Division 4 is 4+ years of art. Division 3 & 4 are extremely tough as the artist are very good at that level. 

    These students are advancing to State:

    Andi Klundt - Division 3
    Molly Butler - Division 2
    Maisha Jahan - Division 2
    Amadeo Mendoza - Division 3
    Rebecca Joines - Division 4
    Rebecca Joines - Division 4 - 2nd piece
    Bird Luker - Division 4
    Edith Hernandez - Division 3

  • Orchestra Students:
    Laila Ali
    Rhianna Brumfield   
    Allison Camacho   
    Shyenne Evans   
    Dominique Givens   
    Hiu Lee Ng  
    Xavier Padilla   
    Bryan Salgado   
    Ethan Sowell   
    Erika Velazco   
    Edwin Ventura