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    Posted by Mr. Richards on 2/18/2020

    On Saturday the 15th, Mrs LaForge and I took our artists to VASE, our biggest competition of the year.

    We had 32 students score top score. Of those 32, 5 pieces advanced to STATE. Only about 1-2% of the competition advance.

    Their division (1-4) is based on years in art. Division 4 is extremely tough to advance in, as the best art is in that division. They may only bring up to two pieces.

    Those students are:
    Grace Lindamood- Division 2
    Jenna Mullender - Division 4
    Andy Klundt - Division 4 (third year to go to State)
    Catti Rock - Division 3
    Catti Rock - Division 3 (Catti had both pieces advance)

    You can see the Art pieces below in the 2020 Gallery

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