Cardinal Club Board
  • McLean Middle School utilizes a school-wide positive behavior support program for the 2016-2017 school year. It serves as a prevention focused intervention to increase positive behaviors while decreasing negative behaviors in the school setting. The program utilizes a combination of verbal praise, public posting, a mystery motivator, and a variable reinforcement schedule.

    Select faculty members are chosen to select outstanding students who exhibit any one of the Cardinal Way rules. We are taking the steps to recognize and praise our students for being good citizens of our school community as we prepare them for success and excellence in everything they do throughout their lives. Please encourage your child to take part in this opportunity to be recognized for a good choice that he/she makes.


     The Cardinal Way

    1. We will do what we are asked the first time. 
    2. We will be on time and prepared to learn each day.
    3. We will treat everyone with respect and kindness.
    4. We will remain in dress code at all times throughout the school day. 
    5. We will do our part to keep the exterior and interior of our campus clean and safe.