• Arlington Heights High School Alma Mater:

    There’s a feeling good and true, And it’s from our hearts to you.

    Hail the Gold and hail the Blue, To our colors always true.

    And wherever we may roam, We will always call it home.

    It’s the place we love the best, Dear old AHHS.



    Mission Statement:

    Arlington Heights High School is a community of students, staff, parents, and supportive citizens whose mission is to develop educated graduates who are competent in the basic skills of reading, writing, computation, and technology; who are effective communicators and problem solvers; and who become productive citizens and life-long learners. We believe it is important for our students to develop and practice leadership skills, to learn to work with others, and to develop awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity.






    Yellow Jacket


    9 - 12

    UIL classification: 



    Blue & Gold

    Daily Schedule: 

    8 periods

    Projected enrollment: 

    Approx. 1,900

    FWISD Board Representative: Kevin Lynch- District 5



     AHHS Pyramid Schools


     Elementary Schools:


    Middle Schools: