• Welcome to the South Hills High School Library

    Mr. Jahns - fred.jahns@fwisd.org

    Ms. Rosas - irasema.rosas@fwisd.org


    Chromebook Information and Repair at the Cafeteria Tech Squad Counter


    Whether you enjoy reading already or you want ot find something to read, we have LOTS of books to choose from.  We'd love to help you find something to read, so don't be afraid to ask for help.  We have an online catalog where you can search for books and find out if they're available. Just go here: https://library.fwisd.org/common/welcome.jsp?site=102   You can also log in and save books to a list.


    Did you know we have over 1,000 eBooks available?

    Go to DestinyDiscover.com to access our eBook collection.
    Follett eBooks give you the ability to take and save notes, highlight, bookmark and more, from school or from home. You'll need your username and password if you want to check out an ebook.

    See Mr. Jahns or Ms. Rosas in the Library if you need assistance!



    Lit Club

    Lit Club

     Lit Club meets on a regular basis to discover opportunities in reading, writing, speaking, & listening. We talk about the books we're reading and discover new books we might want to read, share our writing or participate in writing challenges, challenge ourselves in speaking and communicating, and learn more about how to be a better listener.



    Maker Club

    Maker Club meets during lunch & after school in the library!

    See Mr. Jahns or Ms. Rosas for more information.



      AV Studio

    the studio

    Interested in making videos or music?  We have the equipment to learn and make it happen!

    You can create audio or video in the srudio or bring in your own to edit on our iMacs with editing software. 

    See Mr. Jahns or Ms. Rosas for more information or to just get a peek at what the studio offers.