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    Welcome to the Fort Worth ISD Travel website. If you are planning to travel with the District in near future, you will find all the resources you'll need to make your trip a successful one.

    The District put together a video to help explain the new guidelines concerning 910s. Please take a few minutes to watch this short feature and feel free to share any feedback or questions you may have. Additional resources and contacts are listed below.


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    • As of 10/8/2018, the Travel Form 910s have been updated for both students and teachers/administrators to reflect the change in baggage fee from $50 to $60.


    • When traveling in the state of Texas, if the city and/or county are not listed on the GSA Current Per Diem rates, the maximum allowable rates are as follows:
    • Hotel - $94 / night
    • Meals - $55 / day


    • As of 7/11/2018, the Travel Form 910s have been updated for both students and teachers/administrators.



    • As of 1/1/2018, the Travel Form 910s have been updated with the new mileage rate of $0.545 cents/mile.


     Travel Changes


    • As of 1/1/2018, the Mileage rate has changed to $0.545.

    • As of 9/1/2015, Continental Breakfast is considered breakfast.


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