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    School Mascot: Eagle

    School Colors: Red, Blue, and White

    School Fight Song: The Red and Blue

    August 1935 - Ground is broken for a new high school in Riverside; thousands attend a sunrise ground breaking ceremony.

    September 15, 1936 - Riverside High School opens its doors to senior high and junior high students.

    The school mascot, the Eagle, is chosen to honor the Eagle family who were influential in Riverside education for many years, from Dr. Daniel Eagle who built the first one-room Riverside school in 1876 to his grandson George Eagle, school board member who led the crusade to build a high school in Riverside.

    January 28, 1937 - Sixteen mid-term graduates receive the first diplomas from Riverside High School. Did you know that the academic level only went to the eleventh grade back in those days?

    February 1941 - The school board changes the name of the school to Amon Carter Riverside High School in honor of the Fort Worth civic leader. Students and community members protest at first, but the change is eventually accepted.

    1948 - First Homecoming held; Ex-Student's Association organized.

    1950 - Riverside Junior High School opened for grades 7 through 9, relieving overcrowding at Amon Carter Riverside High School.

    mid 1950's - Band Hall and Shop Wing built, as well as the Athletic Field House.

    1951 - Spring commencement exercises include the Star Telegram Publisher Mr. Amon G. Carter Sr. who is supposed to have received an honorary diploma. Mr. Carter never finished school, but he was instrumental in establishing Texas Tech University.

    Fall 1958 - Carter goes to the state quarterfinals in football.

    Fall 1959 - Carter goes to the state semifinals in football.

    1959 - Carter finishes second in 4A State track meet.

    1970 - Carter baseball makes it to the State Semifinals.

    1974 - Largest ever graduating class has 211 students.

    1980 - New gymnasium is built.

    1981 - Building is air-conditioned.

    1982 - The auditorium painting "Sacred Birds", a gift to Carter Riverside from Amon G. Carter is sold for over $50,000 and the proceeds used to establish a scholarship fund.

    1983 - School board announced plans to close Carter Riverside; the community rallies and unites to keep the school open.

    1983 - Historical marker placed on front lawn of the school.

    1986 - 50th anniversary celebration draws hundreds.

    1989 - New northwest wing built.

    1995 - Carter Riverside again makes it to the playoffs in football.

    1996 - Summer reunion activities drew over 700 former graduates back to the campus to celebrate the All 50's Reunion.

    2001 - High school band increases to over 100 marching members and re-institution of the ROTC program enrolls 130 students.

    2011 -  Carter Riverside Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the School

     Principals of Amon Carter Riverside High School

    Robert W. Records 1936 - 1944

    T. E. Wentworth 1944 - 1949

    Hague L. Lindsay 1949 - 1967

    Lawrence H. Dixon 1967 - 1975

    Jack Bass 1975 - 1985

    Sam Peterson 1985 - 1997

    Alberto Gonzalez 1997 - 2004

    Maria Sanchez 2004 - 2011

    Greg Ruthart 2011 - Present