2023 Softball Team

  • Varsity Team
    Eva Almendarez
    Lauren Beckham
    Leslie Bustamante
    Aly Cortez
    Addison Dudley
    Esmeralda Estrada
    Xoria Huff
    Louielynne Moreira
    Briana Moreno
    Areli Nunez 
    Priscilla Rivers
    Gisselle Saldana
    Desiree Shine

    JV Team
    Marli Bonds
    Sophia Castellanos
    Samantha Chavez
    Daisy Daniels
    Daiy'zha Davenport Cousar
    Janette Meza
    La'Briaya Miller
    Taylor Torres
    Caydence Vuittonet

    Tyreke Lewis

    Nataliee Chavez
    Haley Cundiff
    Giselle Alba
    Amy Bumi

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  • Softball Recap

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 5/1/2023

    Your Lady Cougars season came to an end this past weekend when we came up short against Venus. But what a season it was!

    We finished our amazing season 12-8. There were a lot of positives throughout the season and the future is bright for our softball program! We went from 5-5 and finishing 3rd last year to being 8-2 and finishing 2nd with a chance to compete for a district championship. 

    We took home some good awards as well! 

    Senior Lauren Beckham would be the Co-District Player of the year!
    Freshmen Taylor Torres would be Co-Newcomer of the year!
    Senior Priscilla Rivers would be Utility player of the year!

    1st Team All District
    Eva Almendarez 
    Areli Nunez

    2nd Team All District
    Leslie Bustamante
    Briana Moreno
    Alyana Cortez
    Sophia Castellanos

    And the best All District category there is....We led the district in Academic All-District!
    Areli Nunez
    Priscilla Rivers
    Lauren Beckham
    Louielynne Moriea
    Addison Dudley
    Caydence Vuittonet
    Sam Chavez
    Sophia Castellanos
    Taylor Torres

    It was a great year. It didn't end the way we would have liked, but we will be back! 

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  • Benbrook MHS

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 4/19/2023

    Last night, your Lady Cougars took on Benbrook MHS. In what was a hard-fought game, we would end up coming short in both JV and Varsity. We gave ourselves an opportunity to win in both games, but defensive miscues would come back to get us.

    JV had a great season; they were able to grow a lot and had a lot of positives! The future is bright for these young ladies! 

    Varsity would end their district run going 8-2 and securing second in the district. This team has something special and when we can put it all together it is something awesome to watch!  

    We are not done yet! Next week your Lady Cougars will be playing in the Bi-District round of the playoffs! We will be playing either Venus or Alvarado. We are set to host at least two games here, the first being the 27th and the second game will be on the 29th, if necessary. We need all of Cougar nation to come out and be loud! 

    As always, you can watch our game live on Facebook if you are unable to attend! 


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  • Playoff Shirts

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 4/13/2023

    Your Lady Cougars are headed to the playoffs! We are going to be getting shirts made. They will be $20, on a dri-fit or cotton shirt! Here is what they look like, designed by Coach Mo and the players! I will need to know who wants one by tomorrow! Sorry for not having a lot of time. We just want to make sure we get them on time!  You can email Coach Mo with your size and how many you want! I have attached what the front and back will look like as well!

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  • Coach Corner

    Posted by Mr. Bielss on 4/12/2023

    Coach Moilan sits down with Coach Valdez to talk about the WHHS Softball Program.

    Run Time 17:55

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  • Carter-Riverside

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 4/12/2023

    First, I would like to say thank you to all of the staff that came out last night! It was a beautiful night for some softball! 

    Your Lady Cougars softball team was on it last night! JV would get the night started but would end up falling just a little short.

    Varsity would come out of the gate hot. Senior Lauren Beckham pitched one of her best games all year! She would shut out the Lady Eagles by throwing a NO HITTER! Just one play shy of a perfect game! The bats were hot all game as well. The offense would be led by senior Lauren Beckham, sophomore Eva Almendarez, and freshmen Taylor Torres! We would finish the game shutting the Lady Eagles out and winning 15-0. 

    I am proud to say that your Lady Cougars have for-sure clinched second in the district! And clinched a spot in the playoffs! 

    Next week Benbrook is coming to us on Tuesday; JV at 6 and Varsity at 7:30! We want to pack the stands! If you have not been to a game, this is the one to be at; there is a lot on the line. 

    We hope you can make it out on Tuesday. This team has something special and these girls have been working their tails off to be in the position we are in now! Come out and be loud!

    As always, our game will be livestreamed on Facebook if you are unable to make it!

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  • Diamond Hill

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 4/5/2023

    Your lady cougars came away with a HUGE WIN last night!  It was a battle and we pushed through and finished the fight!

    At the top of the first, we would go on to score 1 run. Diamond Hill would be held scoreless. At the top and bottom of the second, neither of us would score. At the top of the 4th, we would start to put some distance between us, scoring 3 runs. DHJ would score twice. Going into the 5th, it was a 4-2 game. We would both go scoreless in the 5th but we would answer again, scoring 3 in the 6th inning, and extending the lead to 7-2. DHJ would go on to score 3. It was now a 7-5 game. Heading into the 6th inning, we would load the bases but weren't able to get a score. In the bottom of the 6th inning, DHJ would take the lead by one. Heading into our last at bat down by one, we needed to get something going. Sophomore Briana Moreno would find her way on with a walk, she would get pinched run for by sophomore Louielynne Moreira. A pass ball would move her to second base. Senior Laurren Beckham would draw a walk as well. The first pitch to junior Alyana Cortez would get away from the catcher with runners now on second and third. Alyana would get the count to 3-0. On the next pitch, she would drive the ball past the shortstop, scoring the tying run, and the go-ahead run! We did not stop there. We would go on to score 9 RUNS and head into the bottom of the 7th looking to close out the game. Senior Lauren Beckham would take to the rubber. She would make quick work of the DHJ hitters and close out the game with a final score of 16-8!

    To say I'm proud of this team is an understatement, they come in day in and day out and work their tails off and it shows. And it's moments like this that it's great to see all of their hard work pay off! 

    This is where the fun begins. We are now in our home stand for the rest of the district! If you have not been able to come to a game, now is the time as we are in a big push for the playoffs!

    This Friday, we have senior night. We will be honoring our 3 seniors, Lauren Beckham, Priscilla Rivers and Areli Nunez. As well as our senior managers, Amy Bui, Tyreek Lewis, and Gigi Alba. JV will be at 5:30 and Varsity at 7! Come out and be loud!

    The following Tuesday will be teacher appreciation night. Then the following Tuesday we will host Benbrook here.

    If you are unable to make it, all our games are live streamed on Facebook!  

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  • Eastern Hills

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 3/29/2023

    Last night your Lady Cougars took on the Lady Highlanders from Eastern Hills. JV put up a fight, but due to some misuse on defense and time not being on our side, we would fall 10-3. 

    With Varsity looking to bounce back from Friday, they would do just that! With a good inning of work from senior Lauren Beckham on the mound, the offense would start off hot. Freshmen Taylor Torres got a hit up the middle followed by a good at bat by sophomore Eva Almendarez. We had two on and were looking to score with sophomore Briana Moreno. She would draw a walk.

    With the bases loaded, two pass balls would help us get on the board, taking a 2-0 lead. Headed into the top of the second, Lauren would make quick work of the Eastern Hills batters, sitting them down in order. We would add to our lead, having 5 more runs come in. Eastern Hills would go three up and three down at the top of the 3rd. Looking to add to the lead, we would do just that, stretching the lead to 11. We allowed only one run to score, in the top of the 4th. Looking to secure the victory, we would go on to plate 5 in the bottom of the 4th to secure the win 16-1! 

    Our next game will be at Diamond Hill on April 4th , JV at 6:00 and Varsity at 7:30. This will be our last game on the road! 

    Some important dates coming up,  April 7th Will be Senior night, April 11th will be Teacher Appreciation night, April 18th Benbrook comes to us. 

    As always, our games will be live streamed on Facebook if you are unable to make it! This is the biggest part of our season as we make a big push for the playoffs. 

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  • Benbrook

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 3/28/2023

    The Lady Cougar softball team was in action last Friday night at Benbrook. JV played a good game. After a couple of early game miscues, they settled in and found their groove. JV would go on to win 8-6. 

    Varsity would take the field and started off hot, scoring two runs in the top of the first. Some miscues would result in Benbrook tying the game. We would be held scoreless in the top of the 2nd and would hold off the Benbrook offense. At the top of the 3rd, freshmen Taylor Torres would get us started with a lead off HOME RUN. With runners on, we could not find a way to get them in. In the bottom of the third, we would end up giving up 12 runs. Defensive miscues came back to get us. We would be held scoreless in the 4th and would hold Benbrook scoreless. At the top of the 5th, we could not string together hits and would suffer our first district loss of the season.

    Your Lady Cougars will be back in action here at home tonight JV at 6 and Varsity at 7:30 against Eastern Hills. We would love to see you come out!

    We are entering the home half of district now; we only have one away game, so if you have not been able to make it out, we will be home all but one game in the last half of district and as we gear up for the playoffs! 


    As always, the all the game will be livestreamed on our Facebook page if you are unable to make it out.

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  • Carter-Riverside

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 3/22/2023

    Last night, your Lady Cougars traveled to Carter-Riverside, and came back with a sweep! JV Started off the night strong with a great start on the rubber by freshman Caydence Vuittonet. It did not take long for the bats to get going, everyone in the lineup was hitting.  We had some outstanding performances by Giselle Saldana, Sofia Castellanos, and Eva Almendarez. JV would go on to secure the win 14-6!

    With JV setting the tone, Varsity would follow up with a great performance. We would go on to score 7 in the first inning! We would make quick work on defense by only allowing one run. It would be followed by another big inning, scoring 5 in the top of the second. We would only allow one run in the bottom of the 2nd. We would go on to score 3 runs in both the 3rd and 4th . Without allowing any more runs, that would be the game! Your Lady Cougars would go on to secure the victory 18-2. The offense was led by senior Prisicilla Rivers going 3-3, freshman Taylor Torres going 2-2. 

    As always, if you can't make the next game, it will be live streamed on Facebook. 

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  • Softball Update

    Posted by Coach Valdez on 3/20/2023

    Your Lady Cougar Softball Teams were busy over the break. On Friday, the 10th, Diamond Hill Jarvis came to town for what would be a big game for your Lady Cougars. JV would fall due to time running out with a final score of 6-4.

    Varisty then took the field, falling behind by two going into the bottom of the first. It would not take long for a response as we would go on to take the lead 4-2! In the top of the 2nd, DHJ would plate one run. With it being 3-4 in the bottom of the 2nd, we would go on to extend the lead to 5-3. DHL came back and would tie the game 5-5. Going into the bottom half of the next inning, we scored 5 runs, extending the lead to 10-5!   The rest would be history! DHJ would only get 3 more runs for the rest of the game. BUT your Lady Cougars would go on to score 7 more runs and secure the victory with a final score of 17-8!

    On Monday the 13th, we traveled to Dunbar. JV would set the tone by winning 12-8! Varsity followed with a slow start, but once our bats warmed-up, we were on a roll! Varisty allowed only 1 run while putting up 17 runs! 

    We will be back in action this week, playing at Carter Riverside on Tuesday and then traveling to Benbrook on Friday! Game times are 5:30 and 7 pm.

    Thank you to all of the staff that came out to the game on Friday! We greatly appreciate it! The atmosphere was awesome! 

    We are asking everyone to come watch on Friday for the game against Benbrook. We want this to feel like a home game for our girls! If you were not able to make it to the game last Friday, we now have a noise bucket for our fans that you are more than welcome to grab and be as loud as you can! We just ask you to return them after the game. 

    As always, if you are unable to attend, we will be live on Facebook! 

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