Welcome to Science

  • Our Mission is to provide a rigorous, differentiated, and relevant science curriculum with standards-aligned resources and assessments that gives instructional support to all campuses through a renewed focus on teacher knowledge and best practices.

    The Guiding Principles for Science Instruction in FWISD:

    • Evidence of lessons purposefully designed to incorporate core disciplinary ideas and crosscutting concepts with scientific and engineering practices using the district curriculum and pacing guides 
    • Evidence of outdoor explorations or classroom investigations with rigorous, standards-aligned learning objectives tied to natural phenomena and/or real-world engineering situations 
    • Evidence of a variety of instructional strategies and assessments which allow students to transfer their conceptual knowledge to make connections and apply their understanding in a new way using mathematics and literacy skills which are integral to science instruction
    • Evidence of vocabulary taught in context with student-constructed definitions 
    • Evidence of a classroom community that highlights the value of evidence, critical thinking, skepticism, and new ideas or ways of thinking
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