• Special Olympics Bowling

    Posted by Mrs. Albin on 10/26/2023

    This year we had a total of 12 students compete in Special Olympics bowling. We have been practicing every Friday since the beginning of the school year, and they really did such a wonderful job! We emphasized to them that this was NOT about the scores and was all about having fun, and although they succeeded in having the most fun there, we also succeeded in the scores too 😉 The awards were handed out per lane so none of them were competing against each other, just students from other schools or districts. 

    In order from left to right, top to bottom in the picture we have:

    Emily Saldana- 4th Place
    Thomas Garcia- 4th Place
    Luke Cline- 3rd Place
    David Garcia- 2nd Place
    Teresa Martinez- 1st Place
    Gerardo Carrillo- 5th place
    Christopher Ramirez- 4th Place
    Maria Carrillo- 2nd Place
    Alan Mejia- 4th Place
    Miguel Medina- 2nd Place
    Ramses Castaneda- 2nd Place
    Michael Thompson- 1st Place

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  • 2023 Zoo Trip

    Posted by Mrs. Albin on 5/18/2023

    These students are the happiest. The RISE and GRIND Coffee Crew want to say thank you to each and every staff member who supported the RISE department this year through our coffee shop. Even if it was just $1 for a water bottle, you helped us fully fund a trip to the zoo for our students, some of whom have never been to the zoo before. Today was magic and it is all thanks to you guys.

    If you did not have a chance to support us this year, don't worry! We will be open next year ready to serve you guys. This program has been so beneficial to each of our students learning life and job skills all year long. I just truly cannot thank you enough for helping them, and helping me reward them for all of their hard work. It means the world to me.


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