• Welcome to the Night Program

    Success High School


    About Our Evening/Night Program.....

    The student body consists of students, ages 16 – 21, from all areas of the Fort Worth ISD.  Most students work outside of school an average of 30 or more hours per week or have other family obligations outside of school.

    To be eligible for the Evening Program, students must either be at least 16 years old, with fewer than 10 credits and two or more years of high school or 18 years old or older with fewer than 20 credits.  The program offers four 9-week quarters. Sixteen and seventeen-year old students must enroll as full-time students each quarter.  Students who are 18 and older may enroll as either full or part-time students.  Part-time students may take two or three courses each quarter.  Students who enroll are eligible to complete their graduation requirements and participate in graduation.