Historic Stop Six

Welcome to Historic Stop Six Initiative


    Stop Six was the sixth stop on the old inter-urban train line that ran between Fort Worth and Dallas and was operated by the Northern Texas Traction Company.

    The Historic Stop Six Initiative (HSSI) was created to develop a stronger educational foundation for children, build stronger families, and revitalize our community by empowering our citizens. 


    1. Early Childhood Provide mothers and families with high quality healthcare services and access to education that promotes language and literacy development to increase a child’s chances for school readiness and early academic success.
    2. College and Career Readiness Give students critical 21st century instruction and establish partnerships that give students access to industry and higher educational learning opportunities.
    3. Community Empowerment Provide families and residents with opportunities for continuous education, job preparation, improving nutrition and health, violence prevention, housing assistance, and other resources to increase health, safety and financial stsability. 


    • Healthy children prepared to enter kindergarten.
    • Children who succeed academically and feel safe.
    • Youth who graduate from high school and successfully complete vocational training, a post-secondary degree, or enter the workforce.
    • Families and residents who believe in, and support, the academic success of schools within the Stop Six community and the well-being of the community’s children.
    • Informed residents who are engaged in high-quality partnerships and who advocate for a safe, healthy, and financially stable community