• School History

        Old Eastern Hills School Building  

    This is a 1946 photo of Handley High School.  Handley High School closed in 1959 and became Handley Middle School.  It was part of Handley Independent School District and was taken over by FWISD in 1929.




    Principals of Eastern Hills High School 


    Roy C. Johnson 




    Marvin Harris 




    Johnny Largent




    Dian C. Korman 




    Glynna Torres




    Dean Pritchett 




    Elodia Escamilla 




    Dr. Jan Norton 




    Dian C. Korman




    Cherie Washington


       Chad McCarty                                                                                                                    2013 -Present                                                                                 
    Under Construction     


     Building Under Construction


    In 1959 Handley High School was closed to relieve the crowded conditions at Handley and Polytechnic High Schools.  The first year Eastern Hills had 600 students who chose the traditions that would become a part of Eastern Hills.  The name Highlander was chosen by a secret ballot as were the school colors, blue, gray, and white.  The first principal of Eastern Hills was Roy C. Johnson who served the district until he retired in 1975.



    New School Opens     
       New School Building  

    September, 1959-1960 school year opened the new school with 600 students.  Traditions were started and are still a part of Eastern Hills today.



      Eastern Hills High School Today   
       School Building Today  

    As of the start of the 2012-2013 school year, more than 1,300 students are enrolled in 9th through 12th grades.  In the last few years a library, expanded cafeteria, and a new counseling center were added.  In addition, a new girls' softball field was built in place of what was once a student parking lot on the southeast side of campus. The original natatorium (swimming facility) was replaced with what now serves as the Eastern Hills Community Fitness Center, which serves both students and community alike.  During the 2008-2009 school year the school upgraded and enhanced the use of technology.  Following the successful passage of a FWISD bond package in November 2013, the school will soon receive an upgraded field house, a new courtroom to support the law and legal academy and a new wi-fi area for students to study and socialize.