Eastern Hills High School

    Home of the Highlanders



    Administration (PH: 817-815-4000, Fax: 817-815-4050)

    Katrina Smith, Principal katrina.smith@fwisd.org

    Poullard, Eric, Assistant Principal eric.poullard@fwisd.org

    Veloz, Deborah, Main School Secretary deborah.veloz@fwisd.org

    White, Ronnie, Main Office Clerk ronnie.white@fwisd.org


    Counseling (PH: 817-815-4030, Fax: 817-815-4052)

    AJ Hicks, Lead Counselor, Acceleration, 817-815-4032, aj.hicks@fwisd.org

    Tina Clay, Acceleration, 817-815-4017, tina.clay@fwisd.org

    Jean Rustin, Freshmen, 817-815-4034, jean.rustin@fwisd.org

    Nekeisha Kirk, Seniors, 817-815-4035, nekeisha.kirk@fwisd.org

    Charlotte Parker, Juniors, 817-815-4031, charlotte.parker@fwisd.org

    Krystal Barther, Sophomores, 817-815-4033, krystal.barther@fwisd.org


    College Preparation

    Watson, Terrence, EHHS College and Career Readiness Coach, terrence.watson@fwisd.org


    Attendance Office (PH: 817-815-4005)

    Data Clerks

    Parker, Delois, Attendance Clerk delois.parker@fwisd.org

    Smith, Donna, Attendance Clerk donna.smith2@fwisd.org


    Other Professional Support/Instructional/Office Support/TAs

    If you know the name of the person you are trying to reach, use the following e-mail protocol:

    (first name).(last name)@fwisd.org. Otherwise, call the front office for contact information.


    Last Name First Name Professional Support