North Side High School Parents, Students, & Teachers:

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 Fort Worth ISD Academic Advising and Counseling Services Needs Assessment.
    You are an important resource in helping design quality academic advising and school counseling services for our students. We value your opinions and honest feedback. Your thoughtful responses will be used in the organization,  design and implementation of the school counseling program, and will help determine appropriate services to be provided on each campus.
    This survey is anonymous.  Students, parents and all FWISD staff are asked to give input and ideas regarding the academic, social and emotional services provided to our students.  Both students and all FWISD staff will be asked to enter their STUDENT ID or EMPLOYEE ID to authenticate their association with the District. Only vital demographic data will automatically be added to the data file (e.g. gender, ethnicity, education level, and years of service). Your NAME and other identifying information will not be included in the data set. Parents/Guardians do not have to use an ID to participate and they will be given the option to provide demographic information. FWISD employees who have students attending our schools can also take the survey as a parent/guardian without using the authenticator.
    Your responses are kept private and confidential. Your colleagues and school administrators will not have access to your individual responses. All responses will be combined and reported as totals by school and for the entire district.

    Deadline: September 20th  (Please complete the survey before this date)


    Thank you!!!

  • North Side High School offers a quality Counseling Porgram

    School counselors provide social and emotional services.  Our counselors plan programs to meet the CDC’s Mental Health and Wellness Guidelines for Schools. The guidelines come in the following categories: Healthy Relationships, Mental and Emotional Health, Alcohol/Drugs and Tobacco Prevention, Violence Prevention, and Personal Safety.

    Social and Emotional Services: click here

    • A counselor who can set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals that are based on self-knowledge and information about school, the world of work, and their society.
    • A counselor who can assess and handle serious psychological and emotional problems and assist the family in getting treatment.
    • Serve as a liaison with the counseling and treatment community.
    • Training in age-appropriate, objective-based activities.
    • Consultation, counseling and referral for families going through divorce, grief and loss or other stressful experiences.
    • Assistance in conflict resolution to students.
    • The organization and presentation of preventative programs.

    Academic development includes acquiring the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span.

    Academic Services: click here

    • Strategies to achieve success such as organization, time management, study habits, critical thinking skills, and goal setting.
    • Guiding students to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options with an emphasis on college.
    • Understanding the relationship of academics to the world of work.
  • Would you like to view our counseling brochure?  Click here for English and Spanish.

  • Amberton University
  • Student Services
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Oklahoma
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