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    Fort Worth’s goal and mission is to become a Blue Zones Certified Community in 2018.  In order for that to happen, more than 111,000 residents must commit to improving their personal well- being by taking the Personal Pledge.  Today is YOUR opportunity join the movement and help Fort Worth achieve that goal by taking the pledge yourself. 

    Make the commitment to your personal well-being, and join the Blue Zones Project today by texting LIVELONGPURPOSE to 444222! An email address is required when texting your pledge.  The process has four easy steps.

    1. “After you text LIVELONGPURPOSE you’ll be prompted for your email address”.
    2. “After the response, you’ll be prompted for your zip code. It asks for your HOME Fort Worth Zip code; if you do not live in Fort Worth but work or attend a faith community in Fort Worth, enter that Fort Worth zip code.” (**Note: The text will say that but it might be beneficial to reinforce verbally.)
    3. “After the zip code, you are prompted for your first and last name. Because the system needs a clue as to what field to put this in, you must type NAME first, followed by your name.”
    4. “Then, you’re done! You will receive a final text congratulating you and providing a link to the pledge so that you can reference it later.”