Payroll Department

  • The Payroll Department is dedicted to processing an employee's pay accurately, timely, and providing excellent customer service, while supporting FWISD's  mission.  The Payroll Department collaborates with all FWISD campuses/departments to obtain various inputs that will affect the employee's pay.

    Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  • If you have a payroll question, please complete this form & return to your campus/dept. payroll assistant. If further assistance is needed, please have your campus/dept. payroll assistant forward the completed form to the Payroll Assistant/Specialist assigned to your location. 

    Payroll Main Line: 817-814-2180 | Payroll Let's Talk 817-814-2194 Payroll Specialist 817-814-2189 Payroll Specialist 817-814-2198 Payroll Specialist 817-814-2191 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2186 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2193 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2187 Payroll Assistant   817-814-2192 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2188 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2195 Payroll Assistant 817-814-2197 Admin Asst. - Payroll Window
    Soraida Berrios 817-814-2180 Coordinator, Payroll
    Rosie Medina 817-814-2180 Director, Payroll
    David Megginson 817-814-2180 Senior Officer, Benefits and Payroll Department