1. Absences: If your student is absent, please contact the office at 817-815-1400.  We call regarding absent students daily; this will avoid a phone call to you.
    2. Reason for Absence: When your student returns to school, please send a Doctor’s note or a Parent Note. Parent’s note should include First and Last Name of the student, Teacher, and the reason for the absence.
    3. Dismissal: If you need to change the way, your child gets home (Lanyard Change); please send a note with your student. Include the First and Last Name of the student, the way they normally go home, the new way they are going home, and the date of the change.  We cannot change lanyards by phone or after 10:00AM. 
    4. Early Dismissals: No Early Dismissals after 2:30pm unless there is a Doctor Note.
    5. Parents: Parents if you would like to remain in the building past the first bell (7:50 am) please come check in at the office.  Due to safety concerns, parents will need to wait outside at dismissal.
    6. Parking: There is no Parking in the Teacher’s Parking lot. Please park in the Neighborhood if you are dropping off students.  Teacher’s lot is for Teachers and Parents of Linc and PPCD students and must have a parking pass to park there.